Books To Read This Fall
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Books To Read This Fall

Novels to fill the cool days of Autumn.

Books To Read This Fall

If you are anything like me, then you are most looking forward to cuddling up in a blanket, drinking hot cocoa, and reading a great book this autumn. There is something about the chill, crisp air and the multicolored leaves lazily drifting to the ground that drives me to read, read, read! It is the perfect weather to get consumed by a new story, a different world. Adventure awaits within the pages.

So, if you are seeking a new story this fall, here are a few great ones.

1) "Second Glance" - Jodi Picoult

If you are desiring an intense story with a slightly creepy vibe and surprise twists and turns, this is definitely the book you should read. Jodi Picoult is an amazing author. I devour her books; however, they are so intense that you have to take a break when binging on her novels. I love her writing because she researches information for her stories, so not only are you reading a thrilling tale, you are also learning interesting facts along the way.

2) "The Boy Most Likely To" - Huntley Fitzpatrick

Fitzpatrick currently only has three novels, and they are all great. "The Boy Most Likely To" was my favorite of the three, but if you read "My Life Next Door" first, you will see a lot of fun connections between the two (however, they are not a series). This novel is great if you are seeking a dramatic, slightly unorthodox love story. The characters are brought to life and you literally want to scream at them or laugh and cry with them the entire time you are reading.

3) "Persuasion" - Jane Austen

The famous Austen had to make an appearance on this list. This classic is for all of you who are looking to stretch your minds and find yourselves in early 1800s England. It follows a strong female lead who pursues a life outside that of the stereotypical life of a woman in that time. I adore this novel, and it is the perfect one to read whilst sipping warm coffee and snuggled in a sweater.

4) "The Host" - Stephenie Meyer

We were all obsessed with the "Twilight" series when it was incredibly popular, but not many people knew about Meyer's novel, "The Host," until the movie came out (which was terrible when compared to the book). This novel is AMAZING. It is one of my favorite novels, which is saying something because I LOVE reading. It is entirely its own in relation to the "Twilight" series - even the style of writing is different (way better than "Twilight"). It is scientific fiction in all the best ways. Meyer was extremely imaginative and expressed her ideas beautifully in this novel. If you read this while drinking hot cocoa, just know you will probably forget about your hot cocoa and it will turn cold — that is how riveting this story is (yeah, I know, crazy).

5) "The Cellar" - Natasha Preston

My eyes were glued to the pages when reading this novel. It opens your eyes to the dangers every day people could possess. It is twisted, creepy, and outright thrilling. You'll say you will only read one more chapter, but then you will turn the very last page and blink your dry eyes to find that you have been awake for hours on end.

6) "Delirium" - Lauren Oliver

"Delirium" is the first book of a trilogy (so you still get two more after this one - yay!). In this dystopian novel, love is strictly forbidden. It is seen as an extremely dangerous emotion that serves as a threat to society. So, naturally the protagonist falls in love. I, too, fell in love with this book (sorry, cheesy). Seriously though, this is a really fun read.

7) "Zoo" - James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge

"Zoo" is an exciting read that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Patterson and Ledwidge are witty and creative in their collaborative writing. This novel made extremely interesting connections and will certainly liven up your chilly autumn days.

8) "The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven" - Sherman Alexie

This book is a collection of short stories all written by Sherman Alexie. Most of the stories comprised within the book follow the characters Victor and Thomas, and give the readers a glimpse of Native American culture, as well as the hardships faced by Native Americans today. The interconnecting stories are sprinkled with magic realism, bringing to life a creative fantasy in spurts as you read.

9) "Harry Potter" Series - J.K Rowling

I couldn't just not put "Harry Potter" on this list. These books combined are the most magical series of all time. The characters are relatable, the motifs consist of important lessons everyone should know, and come on - there is magic! I am currently re-reading the series, and I am personally thrilled to be reading these again during autumn, because they are the perfect books to read when cuddled up in a blanket on the couch.

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