9 Books I Whole Heartedly Recommend
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9 Books I Whole Heartedly Recommend

Netflix isn't enough to keep my mind going, so let's turn to the books!

9 Books I Whole Heartedly Recommend
Hayden Burns

Even with my new hobbies of cooking and gardening, I need something to take my mind off of the current world we are living in. I know a good book helps me feel calm and get some perspective, so I'm writing this in hopes that it could help you too!! I have also had a couple of friends ask me for book recommendations, and as a self-proclaimed book fanatic, I am doing the whole two birds one stone thing here.

To get a feel for what kind of books I will be recommending, I am a sucker for a romance hidden as an easy going novel about an intriguing girl. I love books that use multiple perspectives for the different chapters, and I adore historical fiction. The best books I can't put down, and a twist at the end is usually not unwelcome. Not a single one of my favorite books could be described as anything but "light" and if you are looking for something to send you into a slow depression or a spiral of overthinking, THIS! IS! NOT! IT! This is for those of you that need an escape from the news and maybe your current situation and your worries.

The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han


Jenny Han wrote a trilogy that takes you to a slow beach town and an intriguing love triangle. It's for the girl that feels like she's never going to get her dream guy, for the girl who feels like she doesn't match the Kylie Jenners of the world, for the girls who love love. The characters are incredible, the twists will have you reading at all hours, and you cannot help but root for Belly. Just do yourself a favor and buy all 3 at once.

A School for Unusual Girls by Kathleen Baldwin


Historical fiction is so fun to me because I'm subtly learning and am intrigued to learn more about historical events while being thrown into a different era. These books are companion books, and the characters each are so well developed its unreal. I want these books buried with me when I die.

Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson


Sometimes the books I read run together, but this blends with no other book. I can still see the scenery in my head, remember how hard I cried in parts of the book, and feel the feelings I felt from beginning to end. It's an emotional rollercoaster, it's messy and it will keep you hooked from beginning to end.

The Selection by Kiera Cass


Hunger Games and The Bachelor made a baby, and it is The Selection. I have now read this series 3 times, and that's coming from a girl who does not reread books. It's beautifully written, and you should not start one of these books before bed because you will pull an all nighter finishing it. Use Kiera Cass books responsibly.

Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles


HOT! This series is simply hot. I'm a goody two shoes, so the main character and I were immediately friends. Will not forget these books as long as I live.

Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen


Sarah, you're a goddess. I love every book I've read of hers, and I've read nearly every single book, but this one is my favorite. I have the tendency to be intrigued by people I cannot figure out, so this book took me for a spin. Deep revelations wrapped in a cutesy romance? Say less.

Heist Society by Ally Carter


I highly doubt I will ever be recruited by the CIA, yet this series had me doing a few extra push ups. It's like the novel spin of "White Collar" from a girl's perspective. Huge fan of every Ally Carter book I've read. Art and spies, a beautiful combination for a book.

Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins


I have yet to kiss a boy in the spot where Anna gets kissed, but mark my words I will do that before I die. This book oozes of romance, but its not cringe worthy. You may think you can predict how the novel will go, but you just can't.

Love and Luck by Jenna Evans Welch


This book takes you to Ireland, and boy is it brutal. I cackled through the whole novel, and it was quite the quick read. Lots of adventure through the lense of a hot mess, just my speed.

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