Books Are My Best Friends

Books Are My Best Friends

The characters in my favorite books are the best confidantes.

"That's crazy! Books can't be your friend. They're inanimate objects!"

After my professor, a literary scholar, stated that she finds some of her best, most cherished friendships to be those she shares with books, one boy in my class refuted this point.

"You don't talk to your books, do you?"

She replied calmly that she doesn't need to, in fact, for they seem to understand her regardless.

To this, he responded that books do not have souls.

Obviously, he hasn't read Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets or he would've known that books can, in fact have souls. Or at least house part of one anyway...

Ever since I was little, I've loved to read. My first stories were read to me by my parents, and as soon as I learned to read I embarked off on my own adventures. Although I never consciously realized it, some of my first friends were those within the pages of my favorite books.

I first found friendship with Winnie the Pooh and co. in Hundred Acre Wood. Whenever I had nightmares and couldn't sleep, the words of my favorite adventures were always there to comfort me as only a friend can.

Soon, I discovered more and more worlds full of new friends for me to uncover. Harry, Ron, and Hermione (and I could never forget friends like Hagrid and Dobby). Percy, Annabeth, and Grover. Clary, Jace, and Simon. These trios, as well as many more, became the people I looked to when I needed a friend, or when I just wanted the warm feeling and stories they provided.

At this point, I was averaging about a book a day, and showing no signs of slowing down. With each new book came new characters, and new attributes for me to admire and confide in.

I still look to these characters as some of my truest friends. Although they cannot be friends in a literal sense, due to not literally existing, the solace they provide is comparable to that of a comforting friend.

The feeling a book provides, especially the empty feeling when one has been finished, make them some of my best friends (no matter what that boy in my class thinks).

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It's here, and it's fire.

If you didn't know, I am really not sure how you wouldn't know, but it's fine, Post Malone's new album FINALLY came out! Posty has time and time again proven that he's a trailblazer in the music industry. His genre is a mix of everything, from rap to acoustic guitar, and he sounds like he's at home in both settings.

Here it is, a list of Post Malone lyrics you'll use or see as Instagram captions. I can already feel it, this summer is Posty's summer –– a summer for "beerbongs & bentleys."

1. "Spoil My Night" - "Won't you come spoil my night?"

2. "Spoil My Night" - "Feelings come into play and I'm thinkin' this happens every time"

3. "Spoil My Night" - "Yeah, when I walk up in a party, they all act like they know me"

4. "Zack and Codeine" - "Been livin' fast, no I can't take it slowly"

5. "Zack and Codeine" - "But it don't mean nothing without all my people"

6. "Zack and Codeine" - "Pour that drink 'cause we ain't sleepin' tonight"

7. "Takin Shots" - "Heard that there's a party, I might pay a visit"

8. "Takin Shots" - "Baby, just for the night, you my soulmate"

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10. "Stay" - "Damn, who are we right now?"

11. "Blame It On Me" - "These hurricanes inside of my brain"

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13. "Same Bitches" - "Population four million, how I see the same bitches?"

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15. "92 Explorer" - "She in the front seat head bangin'"

16. "Sugar Wraith" - "And then I went and changed my life"

17. "Sugar Wraith" - "I take the lead, they just follow"

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19. "Rockstar" - "Livin’ like a Rockstar, I’m livin’ like a Rockstar"

20. "Rockstar" - "Sweeter than a Pop-Tart”

21. "Psycho" - "Can’t really trust nobody with all this jewelry on you"

22. "Psycho" - "I got homies, let it go"

Cover Image Credit: Post Malone // Instagram

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Don't Tell Me Fairy Tales Don't Exist

You'll never be able to convince me that they don't.

Fairy tales do exist, and you won't be able to convince me otherwise.

People like to say that love only exists in fairy tales, and fairy tales just don't happen. However, I beg to differ. Fairy tales do exist, and one just so happened to take place on May 19, 2018, with the whole world watching.

The royal wedding that took place was that of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The now princess made her name as an actress, campaigner and blogger--and is now Prince Harry's wife.

Meghan started out at just age 11 fighting for women's equality and continued to pursue that. Then, she had a stint working as an intern for the US Embassy in Argentina that made her think her path might lead her into politics, but she changed course when her acting career began to take off. Between auditions, she made money by doing calligraphy for wedding invitations, using skills she developed in handwriting classes at school.

In terms of dating and relationships, Meghan hasn't had the easiest time, much like a lot of other women. Meghan was married once before; however, the marriage only lasted a short two years before the couple divorced and parted ways.

Obviously, she didn't let that setback stop her from finding her prince, literally. To those who watched the wedding, it was clear that Prince Harry truly loves Meghan. He cried and was a nervous wreck, which was slightly adorable--not to mention he hand-picked her bouquet of flowers from his mother, Princess Diana's, garden.

While the list of young available princes is short, looking for a real prince isn't the moral of this article. However, what you should take away from this is that it's okay to work on bettering yourself and furthering your career while waiting for your true love.

You also shouldn't be discouraged by setbacks because the most incredible thing may come just after said setback. I'm not saying that you have to marry a prince to find your fairy tale, but the love that is found within them is out there.

So, be patient, work on yourself, and your Prince Charming is sure to find you and show you the love that we read about in fairy tales--because yes, they do exist.

Cover Image Credit: Instagram

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