I think it would be fair to say that if you are reading this article you have either seen or heard of a book. In fact, I know this to be true because "book" is in the title of this article. The book is a magical and wonderful medium dating back to when books were invented. Even if reading is not your favorite activity, here is a list of ways you can use books in your life.

1. Reinforce Your Style With the Perfect Accessory

Books come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Even the same book may have multiple options for a cover depending on the edition. This kind of variety makes it possible to find the perfect book to go with any outfit. Are you rocking a middle-school, nobody-understands-my-love aesthetic? Pick up a copy of Stephenie Meyer's Breaking Dawn. All of the posers will be holding Twilight, but you will come off as committed for making it to the last book of the series.

2. Use it as Weapon of Self Defense

Although the preferred book for this use would be hardcover, a paper back may also work depending on one's own agility and skill. The book can be used as a projectile or it may be used to just whack people in closer quarters. If you prefer to not take violent action, maybe try carrying a book around you with a peaceful quote. This way if a murderer is running toward you, you could whip out something like the old testament and fill them in on the whole "Thou shalt not kill" idea.

3. Make a Handy-Dandy Level

Sometimes on a table or desk with four or more legs, one leg may be too short causing the table to wobble. A book is the perfect piece of matter to shove under that short leg and level things out.

4. Use it as Kindling

Having trouble finding twigs, leaves, or other brush to start a fire? Try ripping some pages out of your super cool book! Paper is extremely flammable, and if enough of it catches fire for a long enough period of time, the fire will spread to some logs. Boom! You have a fire.

5. Improve Your Instagram Aesthetic

Are you one of those artsy intellectuals who likes to curl up with a book and tea, but who feels weird if people on the internet do not know you're doing it? Well, your book will perfectly fit the Instagram aesthetic. You can have the pages open and show your tea on the side, or do a squared-off aerial shot. Nothing makes you look more put together than having the time to read a book with time to spare for a photoshoot.

6. Do Some Weight Training and Muscle Building

A gym membership can be pricey and so can home gym equipment. Save yourself some time and space in your home and just lift the piles of books you are not currently reading. Carry books upstairs. Hold books over your head. Tie books to your ankles. Put some books on your back and do a pushup. Who needs a medicine ball when you have a dictionary (or a pocket sized dictionary if you would like a lower impact workout)?

7. Hide Treasure

Not only do books hold secrets that can only be found by reading the words on the pages, but if you cut out a hole in those pages you can hold treasure between them. When pirates come to your house to find the gold doubloons, they will probably start with the sock drawer - a book is actually the furthest thing from a sock, so now your treasure is safe forever.

8. Build a Fort

Nothing substitutes a brick quite like a book. Use books to build a fort around yourself and invite only your closest friends to join you inside. Now you have shelter and an exclusive club.

9. Bring it as a Date to Your Ex's Wedding

Now a lot of people, or so I have seen in movies and television shows, will try to bring a date to an ex's wedding who is a human and attractive. Well, instead of trying to go for the whole "I have my life together" look you, can show how disinterested you are in this wedding by reading throughout the ceremony and reception.

10. Make a Beat for Your Next Hot Single

Books make a lot of sounds depending on how you drop them or turn a page. Try recording yourself dropping various sized books and flipping through pages. Now loop those on a track and sing over it. I think we have a new top 100 hit on our hands!

11. Read it

Ah, yes. The classic way to use a book. Just reading it. What could be better?