Book Recommendations to Kick Your Reading Funk
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9 Book Suggestions To Help You Get Back Into Reading This Semester

I love books, but life gets in the way of reading are some of my best recommendations to jump back in with.


From poetry to memoir to funny to sad, I've got a recommendation for whatever mood you're in!

A comic or graphic novel

I recently read "Spider-Gwen Volume 1" and oh man did I love it. Not into Marvel, or superheroes in general? That's cool, there are comics and graphic novels about literally anything! They're really quick to get through an can be a great way to get back into reading.

A poetry book

Nikita Gill is hands down my favorite poet, so this one is a go-to for me. I would recommend any of her works or those by Rupi Kaur, but once again there is a poetry collection out there for whatever your heart desires.

Re-read an old favorite

Reading something the second time always goes so much faster. Plus, there isn't the possible disappointment like there is when you try something new- if you are just trying o pick up a book again, that fear can be daunting. Plus, who doesn't want to meet Sirius Black for the first time again? Or whoever it is in whatever an old favorite of yours is.

Something a little silly or out-there

Janet Evanovich is a super creative writer and I love her for it. If you want a pastry chef in Salem, a pair of brooding guys, a potty-trained monkey, and a hunt for charms containing the seven deadly sins give this one a go. Honestly, I think about this book all the time- it is hilarious.

A feel-good romance

This one may be a lot older than most of my suggestions, but it's a quick read. It's in Louisiana, the grandmother in it is goals, the tension is timed well, and you're guaranteed a happy ending because it's a romance novel. Really any Nora Roberts or Debbie Macomber or whoever will work. I just like this one if I'm trying to get out of a reading drought.

YA Fiction

Don't hate on YA. Just don't. They have some good stuff wrapped up in easy to consume packages. John Green is a fantastic author who showcases the human condition really well through teenagers. I would suggest "Looking for Alaska," but I think "Paper Towns" involves fewer tears. Honestly, if any YA novel sounds good, though, go for it!

Crime dramas that aren't too serious

Okay so this one is technically YA too I'm pretty sure. But I love this series and it is a nice blend of teenage angst, intelligence, and mystery. It's a handful of genius teenagers solving the FBI's hardest crimes. They all live together and are very different people. I'll let you figure out the rest.

A memoir?

I know I know, memoirs are not known for being super interesting or easy to read but hear me out. This one is very short, and it is just broken into two parts. It is a quick read that hits home and had me in tears. I know many people who read it and said it changed their perspective on life and death immensely.

Whatever you feel like!

Maybe I said something that made you want to read something similar to <<insert idea or story line here>>. Awesome! Maybe you are just tired of me talk about books that are nothing like you want to read and that pushed you to figure out what you do want to pick up. That's cool too!

I hope I've piqued your interest in something or pushed you to pick up a book again. Treat your brain to a good book or two- after this semester, you deserve to read something just because you want to!

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