To the Book Nerds Looking For A New Author
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To the Book Nerds Looking For A New Author

We all have authors we fall back on when we can't find a new book. Here are some for you to try.

To the Book Nerds Looking For A New Author

Reading is an enjoyable and relaxing activity. It helps take us away to a world that is unlike our own. The stories we take us to a different world that helps us escape your troubles and whatever is stressing us out. Everyone enjoys different types of stories or certain authors more than others and that's totally okay. I personally enjoy reading a wide range of things. From Historical to fiction and fantasy. Here are some of the authors I always fall back on when I need a good read and not sure about trying a new author.

JK Rowling

JK gave us one of the greatest book series for children. Harry Potter has become a cultural icon and is known world wide. A book about a boy wizard who goes to a magical school and has adventures trying to save the wizarding world. This story is timeless. Showing how family is more than just blood. The battle between good and evil. And that we can choose our own path in life. Ms. Rowling was turned down many times for her story. Many believed something like that wouldn't sell or that a woman author wouldn't make it. That's partly why her pen name is JK. But she believed in her story and her dream.

Carolyn Meyer

Carolyn Meyer is another young adult author. Her books are mostly Historically based. Her Young Royals series follows many of the Queens throughout England, Scotland and French history. For those who love watching Reign, there are books for Mary Queen of Scots, Catherine de' Medici. For those who prefer The Tudor family, Catherine of Aragon and her daughter, Mary Tudor have their books while Queen Anne and her daughter Elizabeth Tudor also have their own. All these books give first person views of what these royals may have been thinking of felt during these events in their lives. There is also a book following the last few years of Anastasia and her sisters.

Rick Riordan

Another young adult author. Unlike Ms. Meyer, Mr. Riordan doesn't base his work with history. He draws his work from mythology. The Percy Jackson series takes a different take on Greek Mythology. This series is about half-bloods: children of a greek god/dess and a human parent. Rick does his research and makes sure he is sticking true to how the Gods and Goddess are characterized and views. He doesn't have a virgin goddess like Artemis suddenly having a child with a human. This later leads into a series that mixes both greek and roman mythology, showing how the myths changed as a different society took gods and goddess from another society. For someone who loves all mythologies, reading the twists and different takes is a great escape.

Kathy Reichs

The author of the Temperance Brennan books that the show Bones is based off. These crime books are both addictive and a little frightening. The cases pull you in as you follow Forensic Anthropologist between Canada and North Caroline for her cases. Some of these cases that are in the books are based off real life cases...this is where the frightening part comes in. The fact that someone was able to actually do some of the things you'll's shocking to say the least. But if you love the show Bones, you'll enjoy reading were TB started and comparing the differences from book to show. There are times where I personally prefer Book Tempe over the show. She seems more down to earth to me. More relatable. But for those of you who love reading or watching crime shows, this is one author to consider picking up.

I'd love to know some of your go to authors and some recommendations of more books to read, my to read list isn't long enough.

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