A Summer On The Farm
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A Summer On The Farm

Eight reasons why you should add Bonnaroo to your bucket list.

A Summer On The Farm

Every summer 85,000 Bonnaroovians gather at Great Stage Park in Manchester, Tennessee to spend four whole days immersed in nature, music, and art. With 700 acres of fresh air and green grass, 10+ stages of music, a handful of comedians, cinema tents, plus food and drink, it's no wonder why Bonnaroo has received such high praise from media outlets like Fuse, The Daily Beast, and The New York Times.

At 'Roo, it's common to see music goers get down and dirty (literally—festival attendees camp at the fairgrounds all four days) to a variety of musicians; nowhere else can you sway to the folky-sounds of Mumford & Sons and stage-jump over to Flying Lotus and jam to his experimental hip-hop beats. From pop, alternative rock, indie rock, hip-hop, EDM, metal, jazz, folk, reggae, bluegrass, and more—Bonnaroovians can experience it all at the Farm.

If you're still not sold on the beauty that is Bonnaroo, maybe these reasons will seal the deal:

1. Bonnaroo literally means "really good time."

Coined by New Orleans R&B singer Dr. John with his 1974 album Destively Bonnaroo, Bonnaroo was created by combining the French word "bon" (good) and "rue" (streets), leading to "the best on the streets." In this case, Bonnaroo is the best of the fests.


Yeah, of course all festivals have some sort of food setup (cheap pizza, hot dogs, etc.) but the vendors at Bonnaroo offer so much more than that. From Cajun to Chinese (with plenty of vegetarian/vegan friendly options in-between), you're bound to find something to pig out on. Plus, there are a ton of alcoholic drinks for 21+ attendees to choose from.

3. Bonnaroo is all about saving the planet.

There's a reason why Bonnaroo has attained eight consecutive A Greener Festival awards. Aside from the music, 'Roo prides itself in providing 'Roovians with a space to learn and relax. You can join others and reduce your carbon footprint at Positivity Park/The Learning Garden, refill your limited edition Bonnaroo Steely steel water bottle for FREE at any water station throughout the venue, and plus, one dollar from your 2015 Bonnaroo ticket goes toward permanent sustainable site improvements on the Farm.

4. The camping setup...

You're parked/camped near a lot of fellow 'Roovians, which may seem silly at first, but in actuality, it forces you to talk to your neighbors and helps create special festival-bonds with all of these potential new friends!

5. ...Which creates a sense of community.

Everyone at Bonnaroo is there for one thing and one thing only: to have fun. There's never any fights because everyone is literally so chill—it's like a modern day Woodstock. Peace and love, man, peace and love.

6. Centeroo.

Centeroo is the main hub of Bonnaroo. The music stages, food and drinks, silent disco, games, and much more, are all intertwined within Centeroo. Take a ride on the giant ferris wheel that acts as a backdrop to Bonnaroo, shop official festival and artist merchandise (along with some super cool artisan goods), and splash around Bonnaroo's 20-foot lighted fountain.

7. Snake & Jake's Christmas Club Barn.

Celebrate Christmas in June...literally. This dive bar is adorned with sparkling lights, holiday decorations, and features a variety of other musicians.

8. Five words: Trapped in the Closet singalong.

You read correctly. Returning for the fourth year, the tour de force that is R. Kelly's Trapped in the Closet gets the Rocky Horror experience. Fun props and subtitles help bring the magic to life.

See you on the Farm!

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