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5 Things That Will Help Make Your Bohemian Apartment Pinterest Board Dreams Into A Reality

You too can live out your bohemian desert dreams in the comfort of your apartment.

5 Things That Will Help Make Your Bohemian Apartment Pinterest Board Dreams Into A Reality

Fall semester is right on our doorstep and this is typically when we all go out and start shopping around for new home decor. Right now the trendy vibe to go for is the chic bohemian look, this means, lots of plants, cool patterned rugs, throw pillows and rustic wooden accents. Of course, saying all those buzzwords definitely resonates with the entire vibe of what a bohemian apartment sounds like but the real question is, how do we get the look, without going overboard on the whole macrame. It's actually really easy to get this look, don't be discouraged by all of the Pinterest boards that have a million eclectic trinkets. Let's just get your place started with the basics of your new apartment decore.

1. Neutral walls.

What a lot of bohemian looks have in common is the minimal wall colors, this means your place should either have all white walls or neutral tone colors. The main reason for having your walls blank is so you can focus your color scheme in your actual furniture and smaller decor. It may seem a little boring will all of the photos online that showcase fancy wallpapers or funky green accent walls, but you're literally following the idea of having a blank canvas.

2. Wooden accents.

If bohemian decor has anything it's wooden anything and everything. How you can incorporate these wooden accents is with things like your coffee table and accent chairs with wooden legs. If you are sticking to just making your bedroom into a more boho vibe, try finding an entertainment center, bed frame or dresser that has that "raw" wooden look.

3. Rugs.

Pin by Elizabeth Donado on Home. in 2019 | Cozy home decorating, Modern living room colors, Living room carpet

A good bohemian look has either one of two rugs, a neutral/natural looking rug or a collection of Persian rugs. How you can style one or both of these two styled rugs together is by either having the natural rug stand alone as a lighter or darker color than your wooden accent furniture. The Persian rugs, you can either have a deep-colored rug that is the center focus of your room or have multi-colored and different fades on each rug paired together by layering one on top of the other. If you like the look of the layered rugs, you can actually layer the natural rug and the Persian rug together to add more texture to your look.

4. Pillows.

All Roads Yucca Pillow

Making sure your place is loaded with all kinds of pillows is such a key factor in bohemian decor. Boho apartments thrive on the look of comfort and cozy vibes. The kinds of pillows to keep the focus on are mainly big billowy throw pillows with cute tassels, geometric shapes on them. Other kinds of throw pillows that are popular with the modern boho look are, macrame pillows, linen pillows, and pillows that have shiny and wooden beads.
Bringing your focus to the floor, I mean with floor pillows, keeping with the theme of a cozy atmosphere! Set them up around your coffee table to give it the lived-in vibe. When picking the color of your floor pillows you should keep in mind the color of your rugs, make sure your pillows don't get lost.

5. Plants.

8 Houseplants that Can Survive Urban Apartments, Low Light and Under-Watering

Depending on the size of your green thumb, you have a few options here, well you have two options. You can dive into the world of taking care of "plant babies" and go all earthy. Or if you know you can't keep a plant alive for more than a week, you're probably better off grabbing a few fake plants to keep with the aesthetic. A few options for plant options would be succulents, ponytail trees, monstera plants, and Boston ferns. Hang these plants from your ceiling with cool macrame hangers, if you plan on keeping them in their regular pots, try placing the plants in natural woven baskets around your apartment or room.

Making your apartment or dorm room into your bohemian dreams is as easy as adding these few details to your space! While you are decorating your space also remember that a boho look, though does have a few guidelines is pretty much whatever you want it to be! As long as your space fits your vibe and makes you happy, that's all that matters!

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