Body Shaming Other People Won't Make You Any Happier

"The action or practice of humiliating someone by making mocking or critical comments about their body shape or size" is how the Oxford English Dictionary defines "body shaming."

I feel as if a lot of people do this, girls and guys both. Does it make you feel better for what you are doing to someone? Do you get skinnier or more muscles when you shame someone for the way they look? Whatever happened to encourage someone for working hard for what they want in life

Now come on ladies, some of us know what it's like to have a thigh gap and others of us, our thighs rub together every-time we take a step. Some girls are comfortable in their own bodies and are happy with how they look when they look into the mirror. On the other hand, some girls look into the mirror and cry because of how they look. We are living in a world where society has painted this picture of how they think we are supposed to look.

THAT IS NOT OK! Nobody can tell YOU how YOU are supposed to look or what you "should" look like. If someone doesn't like you and pick at things about you, they are probably upset about something on their own body but guess what, at the end of the day that person will still be below you just for body shaming you.

Now don't get me wrong we've all judged someone for their looks because sadly we just think it automatically. As soon as you meet someone, it's like you scan them and see what you like and don't like (not everyone is like this so don't come for me). People are dealing with things EVERY SINGLE DAY, and they sure don't need judgmental people starring and pointing at them. They could have gone their entire day without the shame of feeling bad about themselves.

Even assuming certain sports and you ASSUMING they have to have a certain body type to be good at what they do is shaming them. I know personally, I've always had "thick legs" and whenever people would watch me tumble I heard them saying "It's amazing she can get that high with those legs". Like heck yeah I can get that high when I tumble what can you do besides talk about MY body?

The point is that everyone has insecurities. Even if that's your face if you have acne if you are bigger built then others. Be happy in your own body! Working on yourself isn't wrong at all, but do it for you and not anybody else. Self-love is the most important when you learn yourself, your whole world changes and how you see it.

"To me, beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin. It's about knowing and accepting who you are" — Ellen Degeneres
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