Our Bodies, Our Minds: The Women's March Special
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Our Bodies, Our Minds: The Women's March Special

Keep your tiny hands off my human rights!

Our Bodies, Our Minds: The Women's March Special
NBC News

January 20, 2017 a historical day for America. You might’ve ecstatically set your alarm to watch the 45th Presidential Inauguration from start to finish. On the other hand like many people did (people that I know), you might’ve chosen to skip this one out, in hopes that Ashton Kutcher’s PUNK’D squad was going to show up any second saying “Hey America, you just got Punk’d!” Regardless of your views on this matter and whether you like it or not, we do have a new President.

Not going to lie, I wish I was in Washington D.C right now though… no, not because I wanted to go celebrate this inauguration, but because I would be getting ready to attend the Women’s march in Washington D.C. This march on January 21, 2017 might actually turn out to be one of the biggest protests in history!

When I mean this is going to be big, it’s not an exaggeration. The list of speakers and performers has been released and it’s everything you’d expect. The event organizers and officials are expecting 200,000 people to D.C to attend this historical march. This march was the idea of a retired Hawaii attorney, the genius of it all is Teresa Shook. She created this even after watching the results from the election on Nov.8.

With the women’s march happening, you can expect all sorts of women from around the country to unite. With so many women attending I know for a fact, we will see some of the most beautiful, lively and artistic women of our nation. I’m all for feminism and women power, add a little art to that and you have some of the loudest pieces of art out there.

In preparation to the Women’s march, I’ve seen online, social media, and many websites some dope work of art that has been created for the women’s march. Art can speak louder than words and it can also be the best form of revolution and rebellion.

Checkout all the kickass artwork that has been made in honor of the Women's March! It's so inspiring to me and so it should be to all women out there. We need to embrace each other instead of tearing each other apart.

Protest Fashion


So humbled & honored to announce that my design was chosen to be printed by @amplifierfoundation for the @womensmarch Thank you @activistnyc for the beautiful original photo I was able to use as a reference! Thank you to the incredible women in my life who being your friend, is how I arrived with the message. Thank you @arizona1980 for your support with text formatting. If you're coming to DC there will be thousands of prints handed out. If you're not & want to print a copy, you can download here: http://theamplifierfoundation.org/experiments/wome... Check out the other designs, they're absolutely beautiful! In the face of fear, racism & xenophobia, we must show up and be louder with love, with self examination, with expressions of beauty & resistance. Now, let's get to the street & not let up til every damn womeyn is thriving! #love #womansmarchonwashington #womansmarch #wmwart #nojusticenopeace #whiteprivilege #whitefragility #letstalkaboutrace #artheals #artmatters #everythingispolitical #streetarteverywhere #acreativedc #takingittothestreets #pussypower #womanhood
A photo posted by kate deciccio (@k8deciccio) on
Pussy Grabs Back

🐱My poster for the march 🐱#pussygrabsback #womensmarchonwashington #womensmarchbrisbane #womensmarch
A photo posted by 🤘🏽⚱️🐊 (@monikacorrea) on

#Repost @huffingtonpost #WOMENAREPERFECT IS COMING TO DC 👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼 ・・・ The poster art at the women’s march on Washington is going to be 🙌🏻👌🏽🙌🏾👍🏿. Want to see a preview of the official signage designed by women across the country? Take a peek 👀 at our story! (🎨: @jessicasabogal)
A photo posted by Jessica Sabogal (@jessicasabogal) on
Rosa Parks

Seldom do well behaved women make history " I refuse to give up my seat" - my cardboard poster turned into a tribute to my hero Rosa Parks ❤️️🙏🏼❤️️👉🏼 #Birmingham #freedomriders #rosaparks #wmwart #womensmarchonwashington #womensmarch #wherewomencreate #equality #civilrights
A photo posted by kari moe zwick (@karimoezwickart) on
Our Power

This week I've been working on this painted denim project, as it's been something I've wanted to do for a long time. Tomorrow I'll be going to the Women's March in Philadelphia in solidarity with my sisters and allies. @womensmarch As a woman of color, I'll let my voice be heard and let our oppressors know that we're here and we are NOT leaving. Fabric paint & acrylic on denim that I thrifted last weekend. Wearable political statements for under $20! ✌🏽 #WhyIMarch #WomensMarch #Philadelphia #WomensMarchPhiladelphia #MyBodyMyChoice #myart #denimjacket #painteddenim
A photo posted by Kelly (@shibamum) on
Our Choice

Honoured to work on a series of images with @refinery29 for @womensmarch in Washington, DC this Saturday. March for what you believe in. 👊⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #womensmarch #whywemarch #genderequality #womensrights #humanrights #women #mybodymychoice #prochoice #illustration #marinaesmeraldo #illustratorsofinstagram
A photo posted by Marina Esmeraldo (@marinaesmeraldo) on
Personal Favorite

Dusting this one off for the @womensmarch on Saturday. ... #womensmarch #wmwart #january21 #washingtondc #beyonce #formation #pussiesinformation #handsoffmycuntry #resist #resisttrump #dumptrump #jonesthesavage @womensmarchla @womensmarchnyc @womensmarchny
A photo posted by INDYANA JONES (@jones_the_savage) on

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