6 Best Boba Tea Spots For College Students In Hawaii
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6 Best Boba Tea Spots For College Students In Hawaii, Ranked By Current Students And Alumni

Incoming Hawaii college students or any boba fanatics out there, this one's for you!!

6 Best Boba Tea Spots For College Students In Hawaii, Ranked By Current Students And Alumni

Amidst this pandemic and with classes starting up again, students will probably want to cool down and have a break with some boba drinks! Being an incoming college freshman, myself, I wanted to ask current and alumni students from Hawaii, "What are your top five must-try boba places?"

There are MANY more delicious and aesthetic boba places out there in Hawaii and I would not be able to rest easy if I left these ones out! So, honorable mention goes to a couple of bonus boba places locals are raving about: Shaka Shaka Tea Express, Fortune Tea, and finally, Mr. Tea!

I cannot wait to hit up these places with my friends when the semester starts!

All of these places above offer takeout and some have delivery services for a customer's convenience. And of course with COVID-19 still around, keeping your distance when going out and staying healthy is what matters most.

Stay safe and happy boba drinking to all! Here are the rankings:

1. Hana Tea


Hana Tea is located on 1111 Dilingham Blvd, Honolulu, Hawaii (about five miles from UH Manoa). They are known for their brown sugar milk tea, and one alumni student from Manoa says that "their brûléed cheese foam is amazing!" This boba spot is placed at the top, being popular with the college students and is inexpensive too!

2. CowCow's Tea


Cowcow's Tea is next! One of the favorites here is the Purple Rice Yogurt drink that is modeled for you in the picture above (bottom right). This sweet-treat boba place is both aesthetically pleasing and refreshing. You can find out more info about Cowcow's through their Instagram page!

3. Wen's Tea


Wen's Tea has multiple locations all over the island of Oahu, one being located by Ala Moana Shopping Center. Their drinks are also refreshing, affordable, and like the other boba shops listed, Instagram worthy!

4. Teapresso Bar


Teapresso Bar ranks fourth! They have many locations as well, across the Hawaiian islands and even in other states, like Texas and Washington. Teapresso Bar is famous for their bubble drinks, but they also have a wide assortment of organic coffees, ready to jump start your week!

5. Cheese Tea AND Rabbit Rabbit Tea Hawaii

Instagram, Instagram

Ranking at number five...we have a tie! Many students have these two boba spots in their top five, with both different and interesting flavors to choose from. Cheese Tea is a cute, cat-themed cafe that makes homemade cheese caps for cheese teas! And Rabbit Rabbit Tea, being rabbit themed, has a variety of refreshing and/or sweet drinks to try.

BONUS: Shaka Shaka, Fortune Tea, and Mr. Tea

Instagram, Instagram, Instagram

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