Blue Ink: A Poem

I didn’t love you right away.

You drew your sword and I didn’t

like the way it slashed my arm

aimed for my jugular

yelled en garde.

It had been a long time since someone tried

to duel with me.

I forgot what it felt like.

I didn’t love you right away

but once I did I loved you




all the time.

You’re always yelling and not because you’re angry

but because you don’t see the point of talking

with the volume halfway up.

You never address me with a comma

because commas are too personal

and you can’t have me thinking that you might be fond of me

or something.

I have stumped you for words more times than you’d care to admit

I know.

I shouldn’t be so proud when I piss you off.

I wanted you to like me best

and I thought you could

but you never address me with a comma

because commas are too personal

so who am I to answer for you?

In my dreams I am Jolene

But there and only there is my beauty

beyond compare.

I guess you can’t really have an enemy when the enemy

already won.

I wish to bite down with the jaws of my life

breaking skin

leaving my half-moon mark.

We could probably study it for awhile

but I’m not really sure what

we would be looking for.

I try to dull the siren

but she gets stronger and stronger with every Cheshire grin.

Interesting, isn’t it?

I am a living breathing Dolly Parton song

and the needle is stuck

on a body looking better than it has the right to

and hoping life treats you kind.

It’s 5:55 and I can’t sit still.

My tongue does that thing where my brain forgets

to swallow but my tongue doesn’t and it

knocks me off my guard and

I care so much what you think of me.

I think I love you like the Partridge Family sang before I was born

but I can’t love you because you never address me with a comma

because commas are too personal

and I think you have to be personal to love someone.

I turn the pages for I’ve-forgotten-how-many-times now

so I can see you in them.

It’s nice.

I think I’ve grown addicted to blue ink.

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