As a college freshman, my main goal right now is to bloom. Obviously, I want to bloom as a student, whether that be in academics or my resume. However, more than anything, I want to bloom into the best possible version of myself. I want to walk in God's light and live everyday to the fullest. The awesome thing about this endeavor is God gives me the tool to accomplish this goal, this tool being grace. Blooming in anything requires grace; grace to fall, grace to fail, and grace to grow.

How amazing it is that our God provides us with never-ending grace even when we do not deserve it? There are so many times a day where I have to stop and remind myself of this amazing truth. No matter what you have done, thought, or felt, you are still loved and cherished. As a college student who is constantly busy and worrying about every choice I make, this means everything to me.

College is all about finding yourself and learning how to handle disappointment, and as hard as this is to accept, disappointment is inevitable.

If you feel as if you can not bloom because of the weight of disappointment and heartbreak on your back, I hear you. If you feel like you are just never enough for your's or anyone else's standards, I hear you. If you feel as if it is hard to open yourself up to people because you fear judgement and rejection, I hear you, and more importantly, God hears you. This is why grace exists. Our God gives us the grace to mess up time and time again while we figure out life. The beautiful thing about grace is as undeserved as it is, it is steadfast and will never end.

He will never give up on us, so we should never give up on ourselves.

So, with this, I encourage you to not be so hard on yourself. I also encourage you to listen to God and incorporate Him in your everyday life, no matter how chaotic. He sends us messages, whether it be Him sending a friend your way when you need a friend the most, or when you find a song that gives you the reassurance that you needed to carry on. It could be the little things such as a pretty sunset or a flower blooming. Trust in Him, thank Him, and remember, you will bloom, and you are blooming. You will find your place, your calling, and your passion.

You are loved and deserve all the grace our God provides.