Blooming One
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Blooming One

An original poem to inspire faith and remind those that anything can change to make your dreams come to life. Bloom as only you can do!

Blooming One

Hey readers! With the obvious change of season, I felt it necessary to keep your spirit boosted. The word "change," can mean so many things, but coming from one season to the next can, in itself, be different too. Don't be ashamed if you aren't beaming with joy for spring; winter can be unkind to us all. However, I try to use my writings to encourage you to be positive for yourself and be where and who you want to be. Anything is entirely possible. You just need some faith. Enjoy the rain and sunshine; make them yours to keep!

The frozen ground long forgotten

Gave way to whispers of the warm breeze

My skin prickled in anticipation

'Is this a dream? Could this be?'

The memories of cold caught in my throat

But the tears of feeling such an embrace

Overtook any unsureness and melted me

My tongue felt like honey as it spoke

'Spring is here, once again.'

Like a spell, sealed with love and purpose

I was prepared to live, truly live

My mind was weary and almost gave up

The icy prison of the previous weather

Heavily had its way into my soul

But she, spring, made way to believe again

Like the crisp rains, my spirit sang freely

'Purpose, I know you keep me dancing.'

For so long, it seemed as if the day-to-day

Meant only what people said

However, in this change, I come to life once more

To conquer what I waivered in before

I am as strong as anything

I am as solid as rock

I am a foundation for myself

Breaking away from the crowded flock

I make my own journey and destiny

Just by the changing of the seasons

I feel so envisioned

Oh, how such an emotion surges through me!

The sun breaks through the clouded skies

And warms the cool ground almost

Like the soft kiss from a mother to her newborn

The flowers cannot wait to bloom

As, do I

Watch me, as I fully bloom

Into a flower not found in any garden

Uniquely, the spring calls me

Blooming One

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