Blogs For The Hopeful Traveler
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Blogs For The Hopeful Traveler

These travel bloggers' stories will amaze you

Blogs For The Hopeful Traveler

Wanderlust... is it a feeling or a personality trait at this point? For as long as I can remember I've always wanted to travel. I want to see the sunrise from the other side of the globe, I want to wake up in a different time zone. The world is a large and interesting place, and I'm too curious to stay put. However, traveling requires something I don't have a lot of: money. I'm not financially capable of just packing a bag and jetting off to another country at my leisure, traveling takes a lot of time and planning. Thanks to the internet though, I've found a way to travel from home. I'm talking about travel blogs people. For the jet-setter in training, travel blogs are both your bible and your brochure. From travel advice, to ideas for destinations, to general thoughts on life, travel blogs always bring me closer to the part of my soul that feels most at home when it's lost. So here a few travel blogs that will feed your soul and spark your sense of wanderlust.

A Wandering Sole

What once started as merely a travel blog became Laura Walker's life's work. Originally the blog served as a place to document her travels, A Wandering Sole is now also a place for Laura to share her passions for education, economic development, and humanitarian efforts. Aside from compelling photos, A Wandering Sole also provides insight on the lives and cultures around the world and the issues that people face in other countries.

Unbrave Girl

Travel can be scary, and no one knows this better than Sally (aka Unbrave Girl). Sally is an educator in Michigan who writes about facing her fears through travel and by embracing daily challenges. Her blogging career started when she moved to Asia, and she has since used her writing to promote living bravely even when you don't think you can.

Wanderlust and Lipstick

Beth Whitman is a travel guide author, blogger, and founder of both Wonder Tours and the WonderWorld Foundation. Aside from being an extremely accomplished woman, she also writes cultural pieces that give her readers a glimpse of the world, and advice columns with guides for female travelers and reviews of products meant for travel. This woman is a powerhouse in travel education- as the author of Wanderlust and Lipstick and a leader of tours for Wonder Tours there's nothing she can't do.

The Everywhereist

This blog is probably my personal favorite. The Everywhereist tells the story of Geraldine, a women who took the world by storm after being laid off of her job, and her husband Rand whom she deeply adores. Geraldine describes The Everwherist as both a travel blog and a love letter to her husband. Her writing style is quirky and often snarky, and the stories never fail to entertain. She also has a book coming out next year called Hopefully Lost, so if you find yourself as enchanted by Geraldine and Rand's travels as I am you can get on the email list for exclusive news about the book.


Adventurings weaves the story of an American expat named Cynthia living in the Czech Republic. Cynthia talks about living as an Expat in another country, the adventures she's had, and the life she shares with her husband Alex who made the move to Europe with her in 2013. Cynthia also teaches English as a Second Language abroad, so if you're a teacher with a desire to live abroad her blog could be a great resource.

Let's Love Local

This blog is really a gem. LLL is run by Polly, a writer and traveler based in Indianapolis, who blogs about travel and how to be a traveler in your own city. I really love the ide of local travel and being a tourist in your hometown, so Let's Love Local was a hidden treasure of the internet for me. With a bright and creative blog layout, and lots of fresh ideas, LLL is sure to give you the spark you need to plan your next trip.

There are lots of travel blogs out there, countless websites of beautiful photos and amazing stories. The point is that if you can't travel right now, that doesn't mean you can't follow the travels of someone else and still slightly satisfy your wandering spirit. Travel blogs are a great way to hear the experiences of others before you travel, and to take you away from whatever is going on in your life for a brief moment. So next time you're dreaming of faraway places with no means of getting there, pull up a travel blog and get lost in someone else's story.

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