South Asian Communities Are Obsessed With Fair White Skin And The Black Lives Matter Protests Are A Wake-Up Call
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South Asian Communities Are Obsessed With Fair White Skin And The Black Lives Matter Protests Are A Wake-Up Call

Are we promoting White Supremacy? Let's talk about that.

South Asian Communities Are Obsessed With Fair White Skin And The Black Lives Matter Protests Are A Wake-Up Call

South Asian communities have forever held a toxic obsession for fair white skin. So much so, those people especially women who are born with dusky almond skin are looked down upon, and constantly nagged to whiten their skins. Dusky Indian women often face racial discrimination in their own country. The ideology goes to a point where it believes dark skin is ugly and white skin is beautiful. India's Fairness Cream and Bleach Market have been rapidly growing larger and larger, anticipating to achieve market revenues of more than Rs. 5000 crore by the year 2023.

The Protests Against White Supremacy

The Black Lives Matter protests are revolutionary and long harvested. The protests needed to happen and be heard. Several voices had remained strangled, and it was time to dismantle White Supremacy's mindsets. The Black Lives Matter protests, have not only been successful and backed amongst the black communities, but also several minorities and white communities have allied. The protests emphasize the critical necessity to cease White Supremecy. White Supremacy– An idea long embellished by the South Asian communities.

How Are South Asian Societies Promoting White Supremecy?

Fairness Creams are a huge deal amongst the South Asian Community. Unfortunately, migration to the United States hasn't changed much of the fascination with fair skin. The toxicity has escalated to a point where Indian children are regularly reminded of their disadvantage of having dusky skin. The environment makes not only teens but even young adults to go far as using fairness creams to lighten their skins.

How Are Skin Whitening Creams An Advance To White Supremecy?

The unethical societal expectation of being white or having fair skin is a particularly virulent advance to White Supremacy. A vermin has been grown inside people's heads in which they strive to be white. Considering dusky Indian women are racially discriminated in their own country goes to prove the exponential support of White Supremacy.

Being Comfortable In Your What–!

The obsession with White skin needs to cease. It is not solely elevating White Supremacy but further inspiring young women to suffer in their skins. The ideology and belief of white skin being beautiful and better to dark skin are authorizing the beauty enterprise to brainwash us and considerably program a brand-new standard of what beauty should be. A substantial portion of why fairness creams like "Fair and Lovely" are so successful and practiced today is because we refuse to let go of our mentalities and be comfortable in our skin, we refuse to not accept the norm, we refuse to make a change, and we support to one day destroy our true almond skin in an endeavor to look like another race.

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