Social media is always ragging on the Midwest states and the people that live there for their unique characteristics such as loving Busch Light and not heeding tornado warnings. There are countless "ope" and ranch dressing jokes. Now don't get me wrong, they are funny and accurate.

Nonetheless, there are a lot of qualities about living in the Midwest that is wildly underestimated. As hurricanes Florence and Olivia prepare to blast parts of the U.S., I find myself feeling extremely lucky with the weather I have experienced in the only two states I have ever lived in; Missouri and Iowa.

Hate all you want, but in regards to natural disasters, the Midwest is truly blessed (at least where I've lived). Hurricane? Never. Tropical storm? Nope. Wildfire? No. Earthquake? Once in 2008, and it was small. Tornado? Not one. Tsunami? The Mighty Mississippi isn't that mighty. Mudslide? Only in the form of a chocolate-y drink.

We get strong winds every now and then. We get some flooding for sure. Heavy rain and thunderstorm damage are about as extreme as it gets. To be honest, the worst weather experiences I have had would be blizzards and freezing temperatures while living in Iowa. Yet, these experiences are nothing compared to the mountains of snow states further North have gotten.


Never have I have I ever had to evacuate where I live to escape the damages of an incoming storm or a fire spreading to my area. Never have I ever had to stock up on supplies at the store because it might be a few days before we will be able to leave the house. Never have I ever even been without power for more than a day.

Hate on the Midwest all you want, but at least when we have a blizzard we just wait a few days for it to be 60 degrees again. We don't have the stress of major disasters like other parts of the United States, and I am thankful for that. As the Carolina's evacuate to escape the wrath of Florence, the Midwest will be waiting safely and patiently with our open and loving arms.