How I Bleached And Toned My Hair At Home For Under $32
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How I Bleached And Toned My Hair At Home For Under $32

No more expensive salon trips

How I Bleached And Toned My Hair At Home For Under $32

So, if you are anything like me, then you have colored your hair more than just a few times. Everything from box color to actual trips to get professional help from the salon, I have been doing this probably ever since I was 10 years old, and have continued to do it through my life. I love coloring my hair! I know how damaging it is but I don't care. I specifically like bleaching it and being blonde. I have been obsessed with platinum blonde, or even the gray colors.

Since I love being blonde so much, it requires some upkeep. Once my natural roots start growing, it's time to bleach again. I cannot deal with regrowth, it bothers the crap out of me. If I can't afford the $100+ to go to the salon, I just do it on my own. Just a few days ago, I bleached my roots all by myself. Here's how I did it:

A little bit about my hair:

My natural regrowth is as shown. It comes out super dark, and the rest of my hair is bleached already since I have been blonde since last summer. I have very thick hair, and it is a little longer than shoulder-length.

How gross looking does that look? This was me prepping my hair for the bleach.

Disclaimer: Everyone has different hair types, so what works on me may not work on you. If you are not aware of how your hair reacts to certain chemicals, always do a strand test.

Products used:

Developer - Salon care Crème 30 developer

Wella crème 20 developer


Wella colorcharm T10 toner


Salon care blue flash powder lightener packet (2)


Mixing bowl

Squirt bottle from beauty store

Tint brush

Gloves (bleach burns badly)

How I did it:

I mixed one packet of bleach with 3 oz of 30 developer. I divided all of my hair in 4 sections (2 in the front, 2 in the back). Each section I worked with I applied bleach to my roots and would go a little less than a centimeter down to my already bleached hair. I divided every section into smaller sections and saturated my roots with bleach. I left the bleach on for almost an hour, and rinsed in the shower with a deep conditioner.

After the rinse, I towel dried my hair and prepared the toner. I mixed a whole bottle of toner to two parts 20 developer. I applied it using the squirt bottle pictured above. I went in a zigzag motion all throughout my hair, making sure I was covering all of my roots mainly and then saturated my entire head with this developer so I have even coverage. I left the toner on for 20-30 minutes and rinsed out with just water and little bit of purple conditioner.

The result was beautiful, and it was almost a gray/white tone. I really do not like when my hair gets yellow or brassy so having a toner really gives it something extra.

I found that doing my hair on my own, was much more satisfying than actually going to a salon. I will probably go to a salon when I feel like changing my hair drastically like getting a balayage or something, but other than that I really like doing my hair at home for a much cheaper price.

And I got everything for a little less than $32.

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