If I had to list off some of my favorite TV shows, "Gossip Girl" would definitely make the list. It's so full of drama and scandal, and who doesn't love that?!

But after rewatching the series a few times, I've come to the realization that Blair Waldorf is actually kind of a terrible person.

Don't get me wrong, the show wouldn't be the same without her, and there are many moments where I'm like "YES, BLAIR, YOU GO!" But I feel like there were more moments where I was like "did she really just do that?"

She was so manipulative. She was constantly blackmailing people, and even though she and Serena seemed to get the most negative attention from Gossip Girl," she still continued to use Gossip Girl. She used it as a way to get even or to show people she was in control. And yes, Serena, and all of the friends really, did this too, but Blair's seemed to be the worst.

And in the first couple of seasons, it was expected from a group of spoiled rich kids in high school, but Blair continued to do it even after she graduated. Her manipulating and blackmailing is actually one of the reasons she didn't get into Yale but did this make her realize her bad ways? No, not at all.

She's most commonly known as Queen B. Well, that name kind of went to her head. She was constantly wanting everyone's attention to be on her. She ended her friendship with Serena several times because Serena "outshined" her. Why couldn't she just be happy that her best friend had good things going for her? Why did she have to tear Serena down and make her feel like she wasn't allowed to do anything to take the attention away from Blair? That's not how best friends should treat each other.

And honestly, she wasn't any better or worse than the others when it came to betrayal. Serena slept with her best friend's boyfriend. She felt terrible, she took so much crap from Blair about it, and earned Blair's forgiveness. But only episodes later does Blair turn around and do the SAME EXACT THING to Nate. She slept with Chuck, after she made a big deal about saving herself for Nate.

I would have been hurt if I had found out what Serena and Nate did too, but it is completely unfair that Blair turned around and did the same thing to Nate.

And the one thing that always bothered me about her character was that she just wanted a title. Like she always talked about how she would marry a prince and all that jazz. Well, then, when Louis and his driver tricked the girls into thinking he wasn't actually the prince, she no longer wanted to be with him. She proved that her only interest for Louis came from the fact that she wanted to be a princess.

All of the characters had their flaws and they all acted childish for a while, but Blair never really seemed to grow up and mature like the rest.

The show definitely wouldn't be the same without Blair, and her nature really does fit in with what the show is about. In fact, the show really wouldn't have been the same without her, but I don't think Blair should be any kind of role model. She has some really inspiring quotes and actions throughout the show, but that doesn't make up for her personality.