One of the best Twitter and Instagram accounts to grace our timelines has got to be @blacksheep_fsu. From the endless FSU related memes to the hilarious threads of "FSU Frats as Vines", this amazing social media account has made life as a Seminole just a bit more bearable.

Their bios say it all: "fueled by y-bombs & crab legs" and that's all you really need to know about the clever minds behind this goldmine of an account. Whoever runs this deserves an award for the content they put out. We feel the love when they interact with our favorite Tallahassee spots, like their casual exchanges with Madison Social on IG or when they teach us very helpful life hacks, like charging our Juuls with a butter knife from Waffle House.

Here are 20 hilarious tweets and IG posts that will make you want to follow @blacksheep_fsu immediately.

2. The highly anticipated cross-over.

3. The day we all lost our minds.

4. The callback to the weirdest year yet.

5. Even Ms. Killings got meme'd.

6. How fake IDs actually work.

7. Our favorite Rupi Kaur poem.

8. We get it, you're smart.

9. We love to hate UF.

10. Reminding us of the fun to be had on W. Tenn.

11. An instant classic.

12. The biggest struggle.

13. It was a faint memory.

14. Putting your values first.

15. President Thrasher, for the culture.

16. The day the world ended.

17. The ideal lineup.

18. That feeling when FSU hoops will never be the same again.

19. Learning about premium Snapchat.

20. The real FSU love affair.