9 Black Women Who Will Change Alabama
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Politics and Activism

9 Black Women Who Will Change Alabama

Black women striving for change in America.

9 Black Women Who Will Change Alabama

It's no secret that the recent presidential election surprised most of us, or did it? Hmm. Well, in other news, Jefferson County in Alabama elected 9 African American women judges. Yes, NINE! The following African American women are now judges in Alabama, representing the Democratic perspective:

1. Shera Craig Grant

2. Javon Patton

3. Agnes Chappell

4. Debra Bennett Winston

5. Elisabeth French (who was re-elected)

6. Nakita "Niki" Perelman Blocton

7. Annetta Verin (uncontested)

8. Brendette Brown Green

9. Tamara Harris Johnson

These women are looked upon as greatness. Why? Because among a small number of women of color, they are representing themselves as executive professional jurists. In total, 2017 will have a number estimating to 38 women of color in Congress, from the House to the Senate. These qualified black women have made a statement that black women are underrated and viewed down upon because of their gender and color.

For years, women have been looked down upon and women of color? They've had it bad for some time. Three other women of color have been elected to the Senate, Kamala Harris, Tammy Duckworth, and Catherine Cortez Masto. It is important that's we look at our women of color today, excelling before our eyes and proving the world wrong. Who says a woman can't excel? Who says a black woman can't succeed?

Honestly, it's more than the gender and color. It's more or so about the qualifications of an individual, and of course, a woman's qualifications are constantly overlooked in this world we live in today. Oh, and to add to the list? Lynniece Olive-Washington became the 1st African American woman to hold a position within the Bessemer Cutoff District Attorney's Office. Are we hearing anything about that?

All black women should recognize their abilities and how far they're able to go. Never settle for less because these 9 black women didn't. Why should we settle for what the world wants us to become comfortable with. I say, why not do the unthinkable? Why not do the unexpected? Why not do what the world thinks we're unable to do

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