Do black lives matter? Sure they do! Do all lives matter? Sure they do. So why, then, is there a movement for black lives matter and not all lives matter?

This is a very good question! If we all lived in a world where we all faced the same problems and the same amount of systematic diversity, this would be a great point.

The first reason this argument can't work is because we all don't face the same conditions. Although it's so cliché, white males don't face the same systematic issues and racial problems that black men do. It's true. Men of color in America have always faced major problems in society, preventing them from gaining their proper rights and job prospects because of who they are. Although men of color have certainly made major strides in these areas, along other areas of society, many are still not treated the same. This is in no way attempting to vilify white men and women, but to act like everyone plays on a level field and to try and justify the all lives matter movement is false, and does nothing to unify society.

"Black lives matter," shouted Bernie Sanders at the first Democratic national debate. But what was Bernie really trying to say? That black lives matter more than others? No. Bernie is trying to say that black lives matter, as well. This is a form of advocacy that is close to what true feminism is trying to say. “Don’t make us above anybody else, not better than anybody else, but make us equal to everyone else.” It wouldn't make much sense if those who are privileged try to ask for equality; why would they? If anything, not only do they get equality, they are more privileged, where as men of color are just asking for that equality.

I will give something to those who oppose the black lives matter movement. I feel as though it’s been high-jacked by those who wish to use it to disrupt society. Should people of color attempt to gain equality? Absolutely, there is no doubt in that. Does this require people to be vocal sometimes? Sure, this is true as well. The problem, though, is it isn’t meant to disrupt society, and only really has effectiveness where racism occurs. There are some who have decided to use this movement along with violence to spread their message. This is wrong. The message that black lives matter is true, they do matter, but they are not going to start mattering, because those who coattail on the movement disrupt the same candidates and people who support them.

Do black lives matter? Sure they do. Do all lives matter as well? Sure they do! But the black lives matter movement doesn’t say that black lives matter more than any other lives. Instead, it says they matter just as much as any other life in society.