17 Black Friday Deals For the Broke College Student In Your Life

17 Black Friday Deals For the Broke College Student In Your Life

A gift of any kind is heartwarming when your broke.


As a broke college student, the gesture of ANY kind of gift is always heartwarming. But I have to admit it's the unexpected gifts that make the holiday season even more exciting.

So here's a list of Amazon Black Friday deals to take advantage of if you're looking to surprise the broke college student in your life this holiday season.

A heavy fleece blanket

Sonoro Kate Fleece Blanket Soft Warm Fuzzy Plush Queen(90-Inch-by-90-Inch) Lightweight Cozy Bed Couch Blanket,Easy Care, Grey


This is a no-brainer especially if the person you're giving to goes to school somewhere cold.

Queen size found on Amazon for $29.90 (plus a 5% off coupon).

Personal smoothie blender


A personal smoother blender, with an attached bottle? This might be the coolest gadget to give this holiday season.

Found on Amazon for $36.99 (plus 5% off coupon).

Echo Dot 

An Echo Dot that can play music, connect to the internet, and call anyone hands-free? This would be a real treat this holiday.

Exclusive Black Friday deal found on Amazon for half off, just $24.99.

Bose headphones 

The gift of the noise canceling Bose QuietComfort is one that will truly make the college student in your life smile!

Found on Amazon for $299.99



Essential to college parties, super expensive to buy if you're in college. Give the gift of Cornhole this holiday and you can guarantee you've hit a home run.

Found on Amazon for $95.99

A new Otterbox


Know someone who drops their phone a lot? A brand new phone case is the gift to give!

Found on Amazon for $14.96

Cute fall fashion


For the girl in your life, buy her a cute sweater and she'll forever be grateful.

Found on Amazon for $14.99.

Keurig Coffee Maker

We're all sleep deprived, and coffee is an absolute necessity. Just $121.88 on Amazon.

Stainless steel water bottle

MIRA stainless steel water bottle


Honestly, we all need to cut down on our plastic consumption, here's a gift that can help us do just that!

22 oz bottle found on Amazon for $17.95

Food storage containers

Food Storage Containers with Lids - Food Containers Meal Prep Plastic Containers with Lids Food Prep Containers Deli Containers with Lids Freezer Containers with lids Disposable Containers


This is one of the gifts that will be greatly appreciated by someone who likes to meal prep and eat at home!

Found on Amazon for $16.14

YEELAN waxing kit


Hair waxing at home is the new trend of 2018, and this kit is perfect for the no-brainer in your life.

Found on Amazon for $25.99.

USB extension cord

USB Extension Cord - Surge Protector Power Strip, Type-C Charging Port (5V/3A) & 4 USB Ports (5V/2.4A), Portable Travel Charger Station for iPhone iPad Samsung & Tablets, USB C Not for Laptops


This is a neat gift to give. It's thoughtful for someone who lives in a smaller space!

Found on Amazon for $19.99

Bath bombs

Anjou 12 Bath Bombs Set, lush Fizzy Spa Set Includes Natural Essential Oils for Bubble Bath, Birthday Mothers Day Gifts Idea For Her/Him


Wrap them up individually or give as a set. These beautiful bath bombs will be greatly appreciated by anyone this season.

Found on Amazon for $13.99

For the guy in your life


He probably doesn't have an ugly sweater and he probably needs one.

Found on Amazon for $19.54

A phone mount for the car


Encourage a no-texting-and-driving policy with this dashboard gadget. Safe, effective, and something every college kid should have.

Found on Amazon for $6.99 (this one is really a no-brainer.)

Picture frames


Have a lot of gifts to give this year? This set of 12 picture frames will get you pretty far, all you need is to print your favorite picture and you've got the perfect, personalized gift!

Pack of 12-4X6 picture frames found on Amazon for $25.99

Resistance bands


Got a gym-head to shop for this holiday season? This is something they probably really want, and can be found for only $8.99 on Amazon. Sold.

Please note that prices are accurate and items in stock as of the time of publication. As an Amazon Associate, Odyssey may earn a portion of qualifying sales.

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If I Can Pass College Level Physics, You Can Do Literally Anything

It may seem silly, but if you put your mind to it, you can do anything!


This past January, I took Physics at my University. The University of Delaware has a really long break (too long), and a lot of people tend to take classes during the break. Some people do it at a local community college, others do winter session that's offered on campus.

I took a winter session, and I took Physics during this time. Within the first week of classes, my life quickly became: eat, sleep, physics. I wish I was exaggerating, but I am not.

In high school, I only took biology and chemistry. I never took Physics, and that's because my high school has this thing called the IB Program. IB classes are basically APs, but international so everyone in the world who takes the course takes the same course. That's the best way to explain it.

In these courses, there are 2 levels, SL which is slightly easier than the average AP course, and HL which tend to be harder than the average AP course. SL is standard level and most of them are one-year courses. HLs stand for higher level and are always 2 years.

My sophomore year, I decided to take IB Biology HL my junior and senior year. My biology teacher from freshman year taught the first year of the course, and she was my favorite teacher in freshman year, so I wanted to have her again. Also, I was interested in biology and I thought it would be a fun course for me to take.

I ended having the same biology teacher for 3 years because she taught both years of HL biology when I was a student. The year that I took the second year of HL biology was her first year teaching that part of the course. It was really cool to have her for 3 years for a lot of reasons, but that's for another time.

Because of this, I never took Physics in high school. Going into the course, I knew nothing about physics. All I knew is that it was hard and contained a lot of math.

Thank goodness for my professor being a gem of a human being. On the second day of classes, he was my second favorite professor that I have ever had at UD. That's because he cares so much about his students and he makes his course doable for someone who's never taken Physics before.

I knew that I couldn't rely on his lectures to get me through the material alone. Before lectures, I would have read the chapter prior, so I have some background. It wasn't much of an understanding because a lot of the time, I never got it right away, but this professor made me understand it. I understood Physics.

He broke everything down, and when I wasn't in class, I was either watching videos on Physics, doing the HW/labs, or doing practice problems. I didn't want my lack of experience in the class to hold me back from doing well. On my first quiz, I got an 80 and I was proud of that grade.

First, it was an 8/10, so I only lost 2 points. Second, I only lost 2 points so far in a class that I have never taken before. That's amazing if you think about it.

What I've learned from taking this class is that anything is possible, if you put your mind to it. During this time, I got sick, and a lot of my friendships suffered because I was so focused on Physics. I made the joke that I was dating Physics because I spent all of my time doing it. However, it was worth it because I took a class that I never thought I could take.

If I can take college-level physics, then you can do anything. You can go up to your crush and ask them out. You can go and ask for that promotion, you can do a cartwheel, you can ace that really hard class. You can do it if you put your mind to it.

It will be hard and it will be scary, but the feeling of accomplishment after doing something that you never thought you could do is the greatest feeling in the world. It's a feeling that's rare, so if you have the ability to shoot for it, do it. There's nothing holding you back, so go and as Shia LaBeouf once shouted "just do it!"

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