Hey, can I see your ID, please? This is a 21 and up article.

Are you craving something different-- something local perhaps? Have you ever had a sip of REDD's apple ale, or some Angry Orchard, and thought "wow this could be a lot better."? If you've never had these questions, then good for you, however, if you're like many people then you have, and luckily for you, there is a solid answer. Black Apple Crossing.

Their all-natural, in-season ciders are just that, always fresh and never mixed with artificial ingredients. At any point in time, you can go to their sole location on Emma Ave in Springdale and grab a flight of 8 different cider flavors ranging from dryest to sweetest.

In your quest to try them all your taste-buds will be enamored with flavors ranging from simple apple cider, Hibiscus, and berries, Hops with Orange, Raw Agave Nectar Cider, and even a blackberry-apple cider. They truly have a spectrum of flavors to adapt to any and all's flavor preferences and pallets.

Additionally, Black Apple Crossing has something going on every night of the week! Monday's are trivia night, this can range from It's always sunny in Philadelphia, Seinfeld, and general trivia! Tuesday's are when you can taco-bout all of your ciders you've had with your friends for Taco Tuesday. Wednesday is board game night, where you can break out the games and sip some of your favorite flavors. On Fridays, you can expect a pleasant evening of music and cider with your best friends, and Saturdays are for laughs with stand-up for Ciderday night live.

They're open every day of the week, so there's always a time that will work with your schedule to grab a nice glass of cider with some friends, and enjoy the heritage this area was beholden to pre-prohibition.

Some fun facts about Cider:

Our founding fathers and colonists were actually HUGE fans of cider, due to the difficulty of cultivating hops in America, apples were far more feasible for cultivation and thus sealed their fate as the go-to agricultural product to produce drinks for the people.

One of the oldest living founding fathers, and presidents, Sam Adams, would drink a tankard of cider every morning, he thought it was good for his health. Maybe there's some weight to all those people drinking apple cider vinegar after all!

In 1789, George Washington won the electoral college unanimously, after losing his first vote, Washington purchased 144 gallons of hard cider the night before the Vote, and won without opposition. I believe he had only hard cider to thank for his presidential victory.

Whether you're just getting off work, or are coming home late from a long day, Black Apple Crossing will have exactly what you need to reconnect your nostalgia, taste-buds, and spirit.