The yellow eyes got bigger as the zombie sailed through the air towards Kyle. He was shocked by the appearance of the monster, instantly dropping to the floor. Going from a sprint to the floor didn't feel good. Kyle felt the pavement scratch his arms and legs. He felt the air rush over him as he passed under the zombie. He pushed himself to his hands and knees quickly as he heard a crash come from behind him. As he stood up he took a look back. the zombie lay on the floor between the wall and a bench that was outside every dorm for residents to sit on. There was a large dent in the siding of the wall. He unlocked his car and got in, no time to put his seat belt on right now.

As he pulled around the parking lot, he saw some other zombies turning towards him from the space in between the buildings. Seems they had enough hearing ability to hear the crash or his car start. He sped out of the parking lot towards the entrance of the campus. Making a right onto Route 340, he finally managed to slow his heart rate and his car. Did they set a trap? Or was that one just straggling behind the rest of the group and happen to notice me? These thoughts plagued Kyle mind as he drove. Coming to the intersection, he made the left onto Route 303. The scenery was the same as the day before, no cars and no signs of life anywhere. He came up to the turn he'd need to make to go to Stop & Shop. Making the right, he noticed something he hadn't earlier. Along the side of the road in the small bushes that were planted to make the road look nicer, was the body of one of the zombies. Kyle drove slowly up the road ready to make the left into the Stop & Shop parking lot, staring at the body the entire time. He could tell it wasn't a normal human because the skin was gray. It was laying face down in the dirt, the clothes it was wearing were shredded. He kept his eye on the body making sure it didn't move as he made the turn going into Stop & Shop's parking lot. Everything was the same as Kyle had left it earlier in the day, only now the front door was broken and glass was laying everywhere. he didn't see the zombies anywhere but that didn't mean they weren't still there. He parked his car close to the doors after driving around looking at the cars from every angle. He didn't want a repeat of what happened back at school.

He sat with his car running for a long moment, partially scared to get out, partially scared to be doing nothing at all, wholly wanting this nightmare to end. After a few seconds of breathing, Kyle shut the car off and took one more look around before opening the door. He had his sword in his right hand. He walked slowly towards the broken door. It didn't slide open. So there's still no power. As he walked in, he smelled something that was a mixture of gasoline and burning plastic. It made Kyle sick. He found a line of carts inside the store and after a little testing he found one that wasn't squeaky. He figured he might as well carry as much as he can, and throw everything in his trunk. He walked cautiously, peering down the first aisle before proceeding down it. He grabbed a few protein shakes and healthy snack packs from the first aisle. He went down the rest of the aisle and turned right and peered the same way he did in the first aisle. As he went he did this with every aisle. He threw in bags of chips, soup cans because they can be microwaved, popcorn boxes, two more cases of water on the bottom, and several microwave dinners. After he finished his rounds, he had seven bags of chips, four protein shakes, five healthy snack packs, 10 cans of soup, two soda bottles, two cases of water and about 15 microwave dinners. He also picked up some toilet paper, plastic utensils, paper plates, paper towels, and Styrofoam bowls.He started walking out of the store when he saw movement behind the meat counter. Kyle could tell from where he was that the person was a zombie. The light filtering in from the windows showed the top of its head was gray and mostly bald with a few wisps of black hair still clinging. He decided he didn't want to wait around for the thing to notice him and he picked up the pace with his cart. Getting the cart through the door wasn't easy but Kyle managed to do it mostly silently; at least quiet enough to where the thing behind the counter didn't hear him.

Once outside, he popped his trunk and put the cases of water in first and the soda bottles right after them. The cans he put down so they wouldn't crush anything. Everything else he threw in. He left the cart in the middle of the lot. As he got in he saw a zombie appear in the doorway and look at his car. It didn't make a move or show any aggression. Kyle started the car and drove off, checking to see if it was following but when he looked nothing was coming after him. He made the same turn and passed the body of the zombie on the side of the road. As he approached school, he felt a sense of accomplishment - now all he had to do was get the food into his dorm. As he pulled in he saw that no zombies were in the parking lot anymore. He drove around to his dorm and decided to back his cars trunk up to the door so he could quickly shut it and move the food more easily. Kyle hopped out of the car and climbed over it to get into the doorway. He carried up the stuff on top which was the paper towels and such. As he came down from the stairs, he saw that some zombies had appeared near the front of the 300 building and were looking into a window on the top floor. Kyle decided he wanted to move more quickly but as he went to grab more food from the trunk, something pierced his ears. "HEEEEEEEELP!"