My family has always been one of my favorite parts of my life. If you ask anyone I know, my family members are some of my closest friends and the people whose opinions I rely on the most. When I say that my mom is my best friend, it's really not an understatement.

And in my family, birthdays are a huge deal.

This Tuesday, it finally happened. I turned 21. I had been waiting for this day since I had started college. What I was unaware of, however, was that my family was even more excited about this than I was.

I showed up at dinner and in addition to surprise me with two family friends, my mom had a tiara and a sash for me, and by the time dinner was over, my dad had gotten everyone 21 and over to do a green tea shot with us at the restaurant bar.

I was already having a great birthday thanks to all of my wonderful friends, but my family only managed to make it even more fun for everyone.

So, without further ado, here are three reasons why turning 21 is the best when everyone is equally, if not even more, excited as you are:

1. They'll give you drink recommendations!

When I showed up to dinner on my birthday, I had no idea what I wanted to drink. The restaurant we went to brewed their own beer, but I wasn't sure if I would like it or not. I didn't know what kind of cocktails would go well with what I wanted to order, and the drink menu was albeit overwhelming. My mom was almost too eager to help me pick out a drink and eventually give me a beer recommendation when our waitress offered me a free sample since it was my birthday.

2. They don't try to ignore that you can drink.

My family knew that I was excited to be able to get a beer at a Phillies game, have wine at family functions, and try the specialty beers and cocktails at Universal Studios. Tuesday morning, I woke up to texts from two of my aunts telling me that one, she couldn't wait to eat tacos and drink margaritas, and from the other that she was so excited to take me to her favorite wine cellar next time I flew down to visit. The fact that they had planned these things made my birthday even better.

3. They drink with you!

My parents took shots with me after dinner on Tuesday. My dad and I are going to a sports bar this weekend to watch the Phillies game (my love for Scott Kingery is undying, and my boyfriend knows that). My mom wants to go to a Painting with a Twist session for Mother's Day, and a taco and margarita festival in September.

I was really nervous about turning 21 because I wasn't entirely sure how my family would feel about me being able to drink, but the fact that they were excited too just made it so much more fun for everyone that was out with us, and hopefully only proves to get even more fun.