Bird Box and my Feelings about the Semester

Winter break is over *insert sad face.* Now is the time when college students flock back to their compasses and settle in for another semester. What better movie to share in our feelings than the now wildly popular "Bird Box" starring Sandra Bullock.

When FAFSA requires all parent information.

"Everyone make sure you file your FAFSA!" That is all I've heard since Thanksgiving break in November. We do this because it's no newsflash that college is expensive, costing (minimally) a soul and a half. But what we as a whole fail to understand is why financial aid requires literally ALL of our parents' information, from when they were married to how much money they made, how much money is in the bank, and how much property they own. Then we are quoted from their profits. But for the some that don't share the profit, they are quoted much less than what they need. The struggle is real.

When you're not quite ready to come back from break.

We all know the struggle with apathy, especially when coming back from winter break. While I will agree that it's exciting to go back and see all of your college friends again, not to mention advancing further in our educational career, sometimes it's just hard doing your work again. So find a buddy to lean on because everyone could use a little help.

New textbooks!

With every new semester comes every new class, and every new professor who insists you buy their textbook for one specific page. Textbooks, textbooks, textbooks! Aside from the occasional night out or trip to the mall, this is the real reason we are all afraid to check our account balances.

Decisions, decisions: going out or staying in?

Come the weekends, many are faced with the decision of what to do. With that being said, in some college towns, the day doesn't even really start until the sun goes down. So, the question begs: do we go out, or stay in? For some it depends on what is to come the following week. If there's a test or project due, the responsible decision would be to study. But really who is responsible all of the time? Go live your life.

5. The fix from college withdrawals.

Probably not for all schools, but with WVU you can get a Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich or eight count nug meal for one meal swipe. These meal swipes are how all of the freshman and some other rankings feed themselves throughout the entire semester. With limited food options, you get pretty set on what's offered to you and when it's taken away during break, you begin to miss it. I know some people who went out of their way to travel 20 minutes by bus every day to get their Chick on meal swipe and I often wonder about their symptoms and how they're holding up. At least with the return, college students everywhere can continue to indulge in their favorite fast food.

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