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5 Shows You'll Be Binging In No Time Once You Start Them

Get your pj's on.

5 Shows You'll Be Binging In No Time Once You Start Them

We know that all good things come to an end. So I'm here to be the person that gives some gifts of more TV shows that you need to watch. Whether you need to shed or tear or laugh till you cry, these shows will make you want to watch again.

1. "You"

After I watched this show I put all my social media accounts on private and questioned everyone I have talked to. This Lifetime show starring Penn Badgley and Shay Mitchell follows this lonely librarian who falls in love quickly. There's more than meets the eye with him as he wants to get to know everything about her and goes at no ends to get her to like him back. You can't help but like him even though you maybe shouldn't. If you want to question everything you know about how social media can be a tool more for bad than good, then watch this.

2. "This Is US"

One of the most creative shows I've watched in a while, this show has a way of making you feel part of the Pearson family. It follows this Pearson family through many generations of past to present as the center of the death of their father in season one. I caught myself crying after each episode, but it was with such humanity that I couldn't stop watching. Each character has their own solid storyline that anyone will connect with at least one character or all of them. If you want to embrace humanity and family, love, and life, then watch this.

3. "Sorry For Your Loss"

As a person with mental illness, seeing representation in media authentically is rare. This show depicts a young new widow who moves back into her mother's house with her recovering younger addict sister also coping with the death or her husband. The story unfolds of how she copes with the pain, how it also affected not only her but her family and his family and also shows his point of view having a mental illness but never really having a foundation of what it is or who to talk to. Was his death an accident or suicidal?

4. "Broad City"

Ilana and Abbi are the two older sisters I wish I would've had. The cool, New York living, trying to figure out what they're doing, pot-heads that somehow get through it all. The show follows these two women in their twenties having adventures, taking odd-jobs, dealing with weird relationships, and dealing with their loving overbearing Jewish moms. At the end of the day, they're two opposite personalities that are there for each other and that's why the show has followed through for so long and connected to different audiences. And be warned, you will laugh a lot.

5. "Chewing Gum"

The range of uncomfortable and hilarity that I received from watching "Chewing Gum" was Oscar-worthy or whatever awards that TV shows get. People tend to sleep on British shows but don't forget we wouldn't have "The Office" without the British version of the office. "Chewing Gum" is about the life of Tracey, who was on a mission to lose her virginity and understand sexuality while navigating living with her very religious Nigerian sister and mother. With the support of her new secret boyfriend, best friend and neighbors she gets herself into naïve situations.

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