Binge-Worthy True Crime Shows
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Binge-Worthy True Crime Shows

For those who like to channel their inner detective and have a hankering for The Who-done-it.

Binge-Worthy True Crime Shows

True crime has always been one of my guilty pleasures. It has always fascinated me to know what drives a person to commit a crime, and how law enforcement is able to track them down (or in some cases, fail to). So here is some of my binge material when it comes to all things crime.

Buzzfeed Unsolved: True Crime

This is one of my all time favorite series on YouTube. Buzzfeed's Ryan and Shane delve into some of the creepiest cases of unsolved crime, offering theories and clues as to who committed the crime. Their sense of humor lightens the mood, but avoids being insensitive, making this one of the best true crime series.

YouTuber Eleanor Neale

This UK YouTuber makes incredibly detailed and intriguing true crime videos. She is incredibly respectful of the victims, while still creating compelling material. She mixes in her own opinions and theories with well researched facts to make her videos so interesting!

Who Took Johnny

Found on Netflix, this documentary focuses on the 1982 unsolved disappearance of Johnny Gosch. While the film revolves around the missing child and his family, it also delves into deeper conspiracies and conversations about child trafficking.

Deadly Women

This Hulu series talks about some of the most unlikely group of killers-- women. Women are often characterized by their softness, nurturing, and kindness. This series focuses on women who are anything but. What motivates women to commit heinous crimes? This show discusses these motivations and killers.

Youtuber Bella Fiori

Bella Fiori is a beautiful Australian YouTuber who generally films makeup tutorials. However, she does have a section of her channel devoted to true crime cases. When she does venture out of the world of makeup, she proves it is not her only area of expertise. Her educational background in criminology makes for detailed and well crafted videos.

Evil Genius: The True Story of America's Most Diabolical Bank Heist

A new addition to Netflix, this 4 part docu-series is a gripping tale of what happened in a Pennsylvania bank heist where the robber was killed by a live bomb that had been attached to his person. Wrapped in convoluted romance, obsession, twisted intelligence, an air of mystery, and pure evil-- this series is a must watch for true crime buffs.

Encounters With Evil

A 2016 series available on Netflix, "Encounters With Evil" discusses various taboos and motivations for some of the most insane crimes in history. The variety of crimes discussed in the series-- cult killers, spree killers, and cannibalism included-- makes this chilling series a hit.

YouTuber Shauna Rae

Although her subscriber count is not as high as the other content creators mentioned, its only a matter of time. This young woman makes well researched videos on unsolved missing and murder cases from all over the world. She focuses on less "popular" cases and hopes to spread information and awareness in hopes of finally finding peace for their families.

Amanda Knox

This documentary on Netflix hones in on the controversial and well known case of Amanda Knox-- who's innocence in her roommates' murder is still questioned to this day, as well as the media circus surrounding the case. Did she get away with murder, or was her reputation unjustly tarnished?

Killer Kids

Another unlikely group of killers-- child killers-- are focused on in this Netflix series. Children are known for their innocence and happiness, but these children are the exception to the rule. What causes children to become killers?

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