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Most of my summers and winter breaks have been spent binge-watching some pretty high-quality television. Shows that have made me cry, laugh, and realize the good things in life. Through these shows, I've learned the anatomy of the human body, fashion, kindness and loads of Broadway songs. Whenever I think about my favorite shows, all 10 of these shows come to mind.

1. "Gilmore Girls"

Everything about this show just makes me feel safe and happy. From the awesome relationship between Rory and Lorelai and Luke and Lorelai, to the budding or Rory's career and love life. I am living proof that this show is show is completely binge-worthy (I watched a whole season in a week).

2. "Parks and Recreation"

The show that coined the phrases treat yo' self and Galentine's Day. I aspire to have the willpower of Leslie Knope, the lightheartedness of Andy Dwyer and the don't-care attitude of Ron Swanson. When my family has nothing else to watch, we watch reruns of this show. It's a show that just never gets old.

3. "This is Us"

A show that makes me cry and smile all in one breath. This incredible show follows the love life of Jack and Rebecca Pearson and the lives of their three children in three different time frames. This is Us is one of the most beautiful shows I've ever watched. If I had the emotional stability, I'd watch it a thousand times over.

4. "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt"

This brilliant series follows the life of Kimmy Schmidt, a woman who escaped living in a bunker for 15 years and lands in New York City. With the help of her roommate Titus Andromedon Kimmy navigates her new life in the big city. This show is hilarious, light-hearted and so worth binging.

5. "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"

My family and I started watching this show when it first came out and still watch it six years later. It's one of the most clever and funny shows on television right now and comedic genius Andy Sandberg playing the main character just makes everything better.

6. "New Girl"

"New Girl" is a witty show about an awkward girl named Jessica Day who moves in with three guys. The show follows their lives as roommates and even a possible love story between her and one of her roommates. Whenever I need some sunshine in my life, I watch this one specific episode of "New Girl." No matter how many times I watch this episode, I still am crying from laughter at the end of it. It such a happy and love-able show.

7. "Grey's Anatomy"

I started watching "Grey's" the June before my senior year and was watching the most recent season by October (and you thought your binge-watching skills were impressive). When I first started watching this show, I thought about it 24/7. The drama surrounding the doctors and the intertwined relationships had me hooked from the very beginning, and I'm still not over some of the deaths in this show.

8. "Queer Eye"

A cheeky show about five men giving makeovers to people who often have different views as them. The first time I watched this show, it made me tear up. There's just something beautiful about five men joining forces and re-doing someone's life.

9. "Glee"

I was about ten years late to the game when I started watching this show over Christmas break, but I still loved it. This show touches on serious issues like bullying and LGBTQ rights while also ending every episode with a song to match the episode's title. I grew to love all of the characters individually (especially Finn Hudson) and my inner theatre and music nerd came out almost every time I watched that.

10. "The Crown"

My mom and I watched this together this summer and were completely obsessed with it. This nine-episode show follows the life of Queen Elizabeth II (the current queen of England). Claire Foy and Matt Smith play an absolutely brilliant Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip.

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