8 Binge-Worthy Crime Shows To Catch On Netflix
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8 Binge-Worthy Crime Shows To Catch On Netflix

Time to sit back and binge-watch a few of my favorite Netflix series!


I am sure we can all agree that Netflix can sometimes feel like an overwhelming, dark hole of movies, comedy acts, and TV shows. Personally, I can say that I cannot find the perfect show to watch sometimes. After searching for 30 minutes or so, I resort back to my usual favorites, you know, the shows I have watched COUNTLESS times. I typically go for any mystery or true crime kind of shows when I cannot find anything else to watch. Here are some of my favorite, binge-worthy, crime-related series that I think everyone should take a look at!

1. "You"

How could I not start off this list with one of the best series I have seen? It really makes you think who and what is watching you.

2. "Making a Murderer"

This is a documentary series, but it is so intriguing. It is hard to believe that these events actually happened. You will not want to put your computer down!

3. "Scandal"

Olivia Pope is the ALL-TIME girl boss. If you are into politics and the scandals that happen behind the scenes, you will be obsessed with this show!

4. "Criminal Minds"

Can you really call yourself a crime junkie if you haven't heard of Criminal Minds? I mean, come on! Spencer Reid and Penelope are some of the best characters. It sucks you in with the crimes and keeps you hanging on with the lovable characters.

5. "Law and Order: SVU"

A true classic. It has been around for more than 20 years and just got renewed for another season. Who is ready? I know I am!

6. "Sherlock"

If you are in need of some sarcastic and sophisticated crime-solving, this is the show for you! The episodes are more on the length of movies, but they really draw you in and keep you interested.

7. "The Blacklist"

A show all about a wanted criminal who teams up with an FBI task force, and specifically an agent named Elizabeth, to take down the blacklist criminals. It is definitely very action-packed and full of many surprise twists.

8. "How to Get Away with Murder"

This takes place at a law school with a professor named Annalise Keating, who takes a few students to work at her law firm. Without giving away any more details, I'm sure the title gives away what happens next.

Next time you need something to watch, check these shows out!

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