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8 Thoughts Muggles Have After Binge-Watching A Harry Potter Weekend

The post-Hogwarts nostalgia is real....

8 Thoughts Muggles Have After Binge-Watching A Harry Potter Weekend

After hiding in my room and binge watching all of the Harry Potter films during USA's "Harry Potter Wizarding Weekend" (RIP to the original ABC Family Harry Potter Weekends), I couldn't help but find humor in what thoughts went through my mind after 18 years of loving this series no matter what. Even after seeing the movies multiple times, I still can't help myself...

1. Why did I never get my Hogwarts' letter?


It's seven years later, and I'm still highkey pissed I never got my Hogwarts' letter. Regardless if I live in the US or the UK, I still waited to get recognition from at least ONE wizarding school. It's pure bollocks if you ask me. *insert eye roll*

2. My life would be so much simpler if I had magic...


Dishes, laundry, homework, etc., etc., etc. If only I had a wand I could do all of these chores in the swish (and flick) of a wand. That would definitely be the life.

3. Hermione is such a BOSS, she deserves more recognition


Since this fiesty, Muggle-born set foot in Hogwarts, she proved her spot within the Wizarding World. As the "brightest witch of her age", she was often only seen as the fountain of knowledge throughout the books. She should've gotten more recognition for being an Grade A role model to book worms everywhere.

4. The Goblet of Fire... is everyone dense in this film?


Every time I watch this film, I get more and more frustrated with it. While it's definitely one of my favorites in the series, everyone seemed to be completely oblivious as to the underlying works of the Death Eaters and Voldemorts' return. Did no one notice Mad Eye Moody drinking out of a flask every few seconds or reported him performing Unforgivable Curses in class? No? Well maybe Cedric wouldn't have died if someone noticed these things. And did no one notice the cup was a portkey? So. Many. Questions. *okay, rant over*

5. Draco Malfoy is misunderstood and should've had more character development.


Draco was brainwashed from a young age to hate all Muggle-borns and think of his family as superior to others. When Snape made an Unbreakable Vow to protect him, and his mother spared Harry in the Forbidden Forest to get information on his whereabouts, Draco should've had the chance to become more than what Rowling made him out to be. There are small parts of the books where Draco almost wants to go against his father, but is too scared to do so. It may just be me, but Draco is not the villain he's portrayed to be.

6. Should I read the books again?


The answer to this is almost always yes. Regardless if I'm reading a book at the moment, or have new books waiting on my shelf, I'll still choose to get lost in the Harry Potter books all over again.

7. Snape's end is the most heartbreaking part of the series, don't @ me


When Snape's true intentions and background is revealed when Harry looks at his memories in the Pensieve (fountain of memories), everyone's hearts simultaneous became softer, and their eyes became watery. Wait, was that just me? Anyways, I'll always get emotional over Snape's death and when his love for Lily is revealed. He was a true hero, regardless of some of his actions throughout the books.

8. When's the next HPW? (Harry Potter Weekend)


Must. Stay. Strong. -- I say to myself as I await the next Harry Potter weekend to come around. There's nothing more relaxing than curling up on the couch with hot tea to binge watch all 8 movies over the weekend. Then, when it's over, the countdown will begin until the next one.

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