7 Shows You HAVE To Binge Watch This Summer
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7 Shows To Binge Watch Over The Summer When All Of Your Friends Have Jobs And You Don't

These will keep you occupied for the next few months!

7 Shows To Binge Watch Over The Summer When All Of Your Friends Have Jobs And You Don't

Have you ever just laid in bed scrolling through Netflix or Hulu for so long looking for something to watch, but couldn't decide what to put on? Well, you don't have to waste your time doing that anymore! Here are seven shows that I think are extremely binge-worthy, and will for sure keep you entertained over your summer break.

1. "Orange is the New Black"

@OITNB on Twitter

OITNB is definitely one of my favorite shows and I've re-watched it more times than I can count.

It has an excellent representation of the issues faced by racial minority groups and the LGBTQ+ community in prison. The plot centers around Piper Chapman, a rich white woman who is incarcerated for laundering drug money for her ex-girlfriend, and how she learns to survive behind bars.

What makes this show even more authentic is that it's based on true events and a real person named Piper Kerman.

You can binge all six seasons of OITNB on Netflix before the final season airs this coming summer!

2. "One Day at a Time"

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"One Day at a Time" is a Netflix original sitcom following the story of Penelope, a single mother raising her two teenage kids in an apartment she shares with her mother.

The show will most definitely make you laugh, cry, and relate to the struggles faced by this family, not to mention that it brings awareness to mental health issues, addiction, and immigration. It also has an amazing representation of Cuban-Americans, the LGBTQ+ community, and non-binary individuals.

This show never fails to make my heart melt. It may only be three seasons long with 30-minute episodes, but you will fall in love with the Alvarez family the minute you start watching.

If all that didn't convince you to watch, then maybe the fact that Rita Moreno plays the hilarious grandmother will!

3. "On My Block"

@OnMyBlock on Twitter

I cannot emphasize enough how important this show is regarding its diverse cast and how it highlighted issues of gang violence in communities.

The plot revolves around four friends about to enter their freshman year of high school, but during the summer, one of them gets initiated into a gang. Throughout the first season, the others try to get him out of the gang, but of course, they face tons of obstacles and things only get worse for them.

The first time I watched "On My Block," I finished the whole season in one day. It kept me on the edge of my seat because most of the episodes were very suspenseful and kept me wanting more.

Even though the show is comedic and somewhat corny when it came to relationships and love triangles, there are countless heartfelt, serious moments that will leave you in tears (especially in the season one finale).

Netflix recently released the second season of "On My Block," so go ahead and start watching!

4. "The Bold Type"

@TheBoldTypeTV on Twitter

The title of this show says it all.

Featuring strong female leads who defy stereotypes and combat marginalization, "The Bold Type" follows the lives of three best friends working for a popular magazine in New York City.

It's a relatable, comforting, and funny show that will touch your heart and make you wish you worked with your closest friends just so you could all meet up and spill the tea in a fashion closet every day.

"The Bold Type" is on its third season and you can stream all the episodes on Hulu.

5. "Special"

@ryanoconn on Twitter

"Special" is based on the true experiences of Ryan O'Connell living as a gay man with cerebral palsy.

This was honestly one of the cutest and most authentic shows I've ever seen. As the plot develops, we see Ryan get a new job, make new friends, and try to find love, all while hiding the truth about his disability from his friends and co-workers.

This Netflix series deserves more recognition for being one of the only shows out there to represent disabled gay men, especially because Ryan's character is played by the real Ryan O'Connell, an actual disabled gay man!

6. "Good Girls"

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I recently started watching "Good Girls" and was immediately hooked from the pilot.

The plot surrounds three friends who are mothers and each find themselves struggling financially to support their families.

Beth has four kids and a cheating husband who works at a car dealership and sleeps with the female employees. Ruby has a daughter with kidney disease and she can't afford to pay for her treatment. Annie is a single mother raising a teenager and is fighting for custody against her ex.

Realizing they are never going to legally make enough money to solve their problems, the girls conspire to rob the grocery store where Annie works. They succeeded, but it turns out the money they stole belonged to gang members and they wanted it back.

You can only imagine how many problems come along after that, but every single episode will leave you wanting more.

Don't you want to know what lengths the girls will go to avoid getting caught? I know you do, so watch "Good Girls" on Netflix and new episodes on NBC!

7. "Parks and Recreation"

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Last but not least, my all time favorite show to ever exist. I know a majority of people prefer "The Office," but "Parks and Rec" deserves more credit for having a strong female lead (played by queen Amy Poehler), good character development, and being hilarious.

I seriously can't go one day without quoting something from it or saying "remember that scene in Parks when-?"

It's also the type of show that you put on every night to fall asleep to while it's playing in the background (trust me, I do this every night).

The cast itself is phenomenal and has many notable actors including Rob Lowe, Chris Pratt, Nick Offerman, Aubrey Plaza, and more!

After watching all seven seasons, you'll want to befriend all the characters and move to the fictional town of Pawnee, Indiana to work in the Parks and Recreation department with them.

I highly recommend each of these shows and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Happy summer!

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