10 Reasons To Watch Marvel's Runaways On Hulu
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10 Reasons To Binge-Watch ​Marvel's 'Runaways'​ Before Season 2 Begins

Teen Titans, meet live action.


So, we've got a TV in our dorm room, but most of the time I still prefer a good Netflix show over cable. I'm one of those weird people who can't really binge-watch a show on Netflix or Hulu unless the season or series has ten episodes or less, and even then I can't make myself focus for hours at a time like that. It's the reason why I lost interest in popular shows like Grey's Anatomy. Sorry, but fifteen seasons and 20+ episodes per season reminds me of a mountain that I'll probably never finish climbing.

Lucky for me, I recently found Marvel's Runaways, a Hulu Original Show. Capped at ten episodes in it's one beautifully done season, I could've probably watched the whole show in an entire day if I didn't have things like college going on.

Here are ten reasons to watch the critically acclaimed show before season 2.

1. It's got a kick-ass theme song

It's even better than the Stranger Things theme, which is very hard to beat.

2. It resembles one of the best teen superhero shows, AKA Teen Titans

The original Teen Titans is a classic, and it's centered around five teen superheroes of all backgrounds. But don't get the original mixed up with the awful new Teen Titans Go! series.

3. Each episode ends in a cliffhanger

You can't stop once you've started!

4. There's plenty of diversity among the actors

It's always great to see a modern representation of a diverse group of friends in 2018. Add superpowers to the mix and things get even greater.

5. Not all of the kids have superhuman powers

Some have powers brought on by superhumanity, but others create their own powers/inventions. I always prefer a Batman to a Superman.

6. There's only ten episodes in the first season

This makes it super simple to binge and definitely leaves you wanting more!

7. The villains are the kids' parents

These kids have to fight against their evil parents. No, I'm not joking.

8. Of course, there's romance

You'll be rooting for certain characters to get together, for sure.

9. It's based on an original Marvel comic

If you're more of a reader, there's always the comics!

10. Season two is coming soon

There's no official release date yet, but that means there's plenty of time to go watch!

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