There are times when, in the deepest parts of our dreams, we still have those terrible nightmares about the strange things that we did or saw during our years facing the delightful biological process known as Puberty. Things were what we'd refer to now as "cringy", with guys AND girls entering a world of confusion and hormonal extremes that would last for several years. We all try and force these memories to the farthest recesses of our subconsciouses, and delete every inch of social media we may find from those days (also known as the Great MySpace, MyYearbook, AOL Messenger, etc Purge, and the daily purge we may partake in thanks to Facebook's "On This Day" function).

Thankfully, Netflix and the delightfully creative mind of Nick Kroll teamed up and brought us a series that is an animated and dirty-yet-charming walk through those torterous days of our youth with their series Big Mouth.

Following characters Nick and Andrew (voiced by Kroll and John Mulaney respectively), the series takes place witnessing the adventures of the two boys as well as several of thieir schoolmates as they are flung into the early, messy, and downright awkward trials of early adulthood, like early attempts at dating, dealing with new emotions and things growing, and the fear/fascination that comes with learning about your body. Now, while the series is very informative and creative with the way it shows these trials, it is also very risque, as are many things that come from a Nick Kroll production, and at times presses and dares crossing several lines that many of us wouldn't think possible. Kroll's depections of the Puberty Causers, known as "The Puberty Monster and Monstress" (voiced by Kroll and Maya Rudolph), are just a few of the main examples, with each whispering in their respective victim's ears some rather extreme things that would also totally be thought about by middle schoolers.

Overall, the series is a delightful look at a rather real, if crude and animated, approach as to what REALLY happens during puberty for both boys and girls. Kroll does take the time to show actual development and lessons, all the while pushing what he can get away with and loving every minute of it. If you're in the mood to laugh or just remind yourself about that terrible haircut you had in 6th grade, give Big Mouth a try. Just watch it on you're own time. It's rated TV MA for a reason. The complete first season is streaming now on Netflix.