Big/Little Week As Told By Big

Big/Little Week As Told By Big

We love spoiling and messing with you.

When I think of the word "sorority," I think of sisterhood, the best of times, maybe some of the worst of times and lots of love.

One of the most notable things about being in any Greek life is getting a Big/Little. Big/Little week is something near and dear to my heart. The experience is different depending on what seat you're in but it's definitely an experience to cherish.

Naturally, I love getting spoiled... who doesn't? So, as a little I was in heaven. Bigs spoil their little's all week in anticipation of reveal the following week. When you finally run into the arms of your big and join your newfound family it's a feeling you can't explain.

As a little, you are the apple of everyone's eye and everyone wants to take pictures with you, hang out with you, and take care of you. There's nothing better than being a little, it's like getting to be a baby but you get to remember it this time.

As a Big, it's a privilege to get a "baby." When lists are due, everyone gets so excited to welcome in a new member to their families and Little's get so excited to meet the girls they'll be stuck with from now until forever.

The process of Big/Little is such a unique experience and there will never be anything like it after your four years in Greek Life.

Being a big is your chance to be a "proud mom."

As an active family member but not a Big or a Little and you're just welcoming in the little one, you basically take on the role of "proud grandma." You're not completely involved in the process but you're there for all the big things. It's a time to look at the legacy you're apart of, and kind of created, and treat it like a child.

It's a time to reflect on your years in Greek life and recognize that although you're time is soon coming to an end as an active member, a part of you will always live in your respective sorority.

The years you have in your sorority will come and go too soon but you will always cherish the memories that you have there. You will continue to talk about your families to your real families and even to your own real children.

Cover Image Credit: Anna Russo

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The Transfer Experience: Finding Home

Transferring to tranquility.

Some people do not get the legendary feeling of, “This is where I need to be” when visiting colleges.

I was one of those people. I have learned that spending short periods of time visiting many colleges and focusing on the application process is not necessarily what will give one the special feeling of, “This is where I need to be.”

Rather, it is really only until one arrives and settles in that really gives one the opportunity to learn that they made the right decision about the place they will call home for 4 years or more. When a student settles in, sometimes they realize that the college they chose during the process does not really suit them or make them feel at home.

Suddenly the revelation occurs to the student that they need to do something about it and find a new place that will offer the fabulous comfort everyone wants in a college.

Truthfully, when does one ever know the right thing to do or the right place to go? As much as we all want to say that we are leaders, why do we commonly follow social stereotypes? We are bred to do it, no matter if we realize it or not and the only true lesson — especially as a teen — that we can give ourselves is experience.

Experiencing school life as a first semester college freshman and recognizing that I was not happy at my first college broke my heart. I took lengthy hours deciding where I should attend based on my major, what I thought I wanted location-wise and the size that I felt comfortable with after graduating my small high school.

I began thinking about transferring when I was in my third 200-person lecture class of the day in the middle of my first semester. I had gone to professors’ office hours multiple times and still, my professors did not remember my name. I left that class asking myself, “Can I really see myself here for four years?”, and when I answered, “No”, I immediately knew that I should not waste time at a place that will not offer me what I deserve for my pricey tuition bill.

To my fellow transfers out there, it takes real stamina to make such a big change in your life. I offer congratulations because maturity and respect is what can cause someone to make such a big change in their life. Transferring is not easy and experiencing it can only make you stronger.

I may be a unique case where I do not regret going to my previous college because I learned a lot about myself in those four months and made great friends. However, being a transfer is hard when you do not regret where you were in the first place, and can be conflicting because you are happy in what you can now happily call your new home, too.

For everyone else who fell in love with their college from the start, here’s what being a transfer is really like:

1. Knowing that you have a second chance and you want to not only take it, but also make the most of it.

2. Being worried about making new friends, so you always say yes to every event despite knowing that you have homework and need to study for a test and need to eat and sleep. Oh, did I mention sleep?

3. Feeling worried that you are not making enough friends, but then you realize it is still only the first week. Note: Knowing people coming in is a blessing in disguise. Even if they are older than you or you cannot see yourself being in the same friend group as them, it is always nice to know familiar faces and have them introduce you to their friends. There is no better feeling than being said "hello" to when walking around campus.

It is important to stay confident throughout the process because sometimes people that you think you will be best friends with in the beginning weeks of school are not the people you hang out with a month into the semester. Most importantly, it is key to always be thankful for the people out there who helped in the transferring process because without them, a transfer would have a lot harder of a time transitioning.

So, for all of you, whether you are a transfer or not, the above is what the experience is like. Do not lose confidence and always know that there are resources there to help in the transition because whether it feels like it or not, there are others out there feeling the exact same way that you are in the experience of finding home.

Cover Image Credit: Catherine McSorley

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From Politics To Battlefront 2, The Difficulties Of Lootboxes In An Online World

'Loot Boxes' have become a key term that synergies with the young, and poses as an opportunity for politicians.

Video games have been in the limelight for some time now, given entire news outlets are dedicated to that hobby. Evolving from the likes of basic Pong all the way to large-scale events like eSports, this activity has become a main staple in the lives of many people, many lying in the young adult and below category. However, with the recent controversy of Loot Boxes and what they mean going forward into this industry, video games are becoming more and more akin to something that many would not compare them to slot machines.

Now the system of microtransactions have been in video-games since the dawn of DLC and its use has been a common complaint by gamer and parent alike. It has served as a barrier to additional content, but it is a business practice that people have grown accustomed to. In fact, looking at the current prices of video games hasn't budged an inch when it really should; Extra Credit, a channel on Youtube, explains this dilemma in a much more elegant way.

However, loot boxes, this new microtransaction on the shelf, has introduced another hurdle to customers: chance. The randomization of what a paying customer would receive entices buyers similar to how gamblers go to a casino.

Recently, the eerie similarity between the two, especially when people under the legal gambling age can buy these items, has become a topic of debate as to the legality of the situation. Politicians like Chris Lee have quickly come to this (either as a result of easy votes or genuine care) as a topic of urgency and has made attempts to resolve the difficulties by placing those games under gambling laws, thereby restricting them to adults.

This comes with difficulties on its own but raises more questions. If this set of rules is implemented, would the owners under the legal age be committing felonies? Would this be regulated per state then? How badly would this hemorrhage video game sales for the companies?

This leaves a lot of room for discussion going into this, but this was a just a basic run down of the topic. This would affect a large majority of people, and many more than just the customers; I just hope awareness of this topic is more well-known when this evolves into a discussion point for the nation as a whole.

Cover Image Credit: Unsplash, John Sting

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