There aren't many people in this world I can go days without talking to and still know that they're there for me, always. That's a special bond right there. Knowing that you're here for me even though we both live very busy lives, is the best feeling.

Every big and little relationship is different and it's truly what you make out of it. I really just wanted someone who was there for me and my friend first. That's what you've been for me and so much more. You're not just my big but my best friend. Someone I would trust with my life.

Someone I would do almost anything for and vice versa.

You are literally the most emotional person I know and I love you for that. You're empathetic, genuine, kind, funny, etc. When people at my new school ask me about my big, I tell them how you are someone I look up to and work harder to be like.

I strive to be like you because you are someone who is very goal oriented and driven. Someone who knows what they want out of life and works towards that goal until it is achieved.

You are someone who can have a lot going on but the minute there is something wrong with me you will literally drop everything to be there for me. I know for a fact I can't say I would do that for a lot of people nor would they do that for me.

I didn't want someone to hold my hand through the process of getting integrated into a sorority, that just wasn't me. I wanted someone to be there for me through life. Someone who after we graduate will still be my best friend and go through life with me. I wanted a big that I could later introduce to my future children as their Aunt. I wanted a big that will be my Maid of Honor some day.

What I wanted, I got. So for that I not only thank my sorority, but I thank my big for being that person for me.