Reasons Why Big Friend Groups are overrated
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Why Big Friend Groups Are Overrated

"In big group chats, the mute button is your best friend, not the people in it."

Why Big Friend Groups Are Overrated
Greg Raines

Sometimes it looks like so much fun in TV and movies and even on Instagram when there's a large group of friends all together. They're all smiling and laughing and sometimes its a candid shot of people being themselves, but just like everything else that is glamorized in TV, movies, and social media, having a big friend group is not at all what it's wrapped up to be.

It really should be so much fun having a big friend group where there's tons of different people, co-ed or not. You'll always have people to go out with, always have people to support you, always have people to laugh at your jokes, and yes that's true in some aspects. Like for example if you're going to a waterpark, or the beach in the summer, totally! If you wanna have a party and you need to invite a lot of people, worth it! But if you have an issue or a secret that needs to be kept within a small amount of people, then no way! If you were getting married, or something else really huge and you need people to write speeches who aren't just your family, not a chance!

1. Too many people to make plans with


Have you ever wanted to make plans with a large group of people? Well I hope you plan months in advance, and even when you do there are people that are bound to be busy or their plans change and they can't go anymore. Impossible. And don't even think about the actual plans of what you're doing because trying to figure that out is impossible too

2. Drama starts easily


There has always been and always will be TEA with big friend groups. Between who doesn't like who, what this person told this person, who said that this person said this about this person.

3. Fake friends


Someone could act like your friend to avoid hurting your feelings, but they can stab you in the back and gossip about you the next.

4. Friend-Group relationships


If there are enough people, romantic relationships are bound to happen and most of the time they don't work out. Who's side do you take? Also it's not only awkward if they decide to stay friends and ignore the fact that they dated for them, but also for everyone else in the friend group.

5. Fewer inside jokes

If there are inside jokes, not everyone will get them, or think they're funny because not everyone can be there for every inside joke

6. Your friendship is less valued


There might be less trust in a large friend group because since there's so many people, you may think you're closer to someone than they think you are. You may be such a good friend to someone, but when you think that person would be a good friend to you, it's not reciprocated and you're sad. In smaller groups, you get to know your worth because most of the time your friends reciprocate the valued friendship.

7. Less trust


Everyone gossips so if you tell someone something, it may leave you paranoid to tell someone something in confidence without everyone knowing

8. You aren't as good of a friend


with a small group of friends, you have room to spread your wings because it's only a select number of people that you trust and put their trust in you. You only have 2 shoulders, which means if there are more than two people upset in a big friend group, you can't be there to support them. Maybe you might not even know them well enough to help them.



Have you ever been in a group chat with more than 5 people? Yea that's not fun. Every time the group chat with more than 5 of my friends blew up, I put it on mute. Mute is your best friend, not the people in it.

10. No one really listens to anyone


Not to be rude, but your opinion does not matter in a large friend group. Period. If it does, you're the ring leader and you scare everyone else in your friend group (lol congrats) and that's why you're the leader. Also there shouldn't be a leader. PLUS if you do get a chance to speak, you're probably gonna be cut off because everyone cares about what they're gonna say after the other person speaks, and they're not really listening to you or anyone else that is speaking, which is rude and mean.

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