The Differences Between Big Dogs and Small Dogs
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The Differences Between Big Dogs and Small Dogs

To each their own.

The Differences Between Big Dogs and Small Dogs

Dogs have been known as human's best friend for ages now. With countless breeds and mixes, we have so many types of furry friends to choose from. Picking your future companion is a very serious job. You should not just be in the mood and decided to get a dog on a whim. Dogs are a huge responsibility. That being said if you have taken the time, truly thought out carefully if you are ready for a dog and came to the conclusion you are, then by all means go get your pooch. Now comes the first age old question, big dog or small dog?

Some outside forces may already be dictating your decisions on the matter. If you live in an apartment or even are renting a property many of these places will only allow a small to medium dog so you don't even have to worry about that question, lucky you. Some of these places will allow big dogs but not certain big dog breeds that have a bad rap. Which is funny because I personally know way more little dogs that are ferocious little beasties and lots of big dogs who just want to be lap dogs like my brother's Pitbull Lilly she's 80 pounds and just wants to sit in your lap whereas my 25 pound West Highland Terrier and little Yorkie will try and take on anyone who enters the home. I'm guessing the Napoleon complex plays in here. However, every dog is different.

If you don't have any restrictions by the big head honchos then I would next consider what size home do I live in because even if you really want a big dog if you have a tiny place it's just not fair for them to be trapped in it.

Next, do you have a big backyard or not? Are you making your fur friend an outside dog, inside dog, or a mixture? Anyway you go you need somewhere for your fur baby big or small to run and do business. The smaller the yard the smaller the dog you should consider especially if it's going to be an outside dog, unless you plan on going to a nearby park or outdoor greenery regularly.

Do you have small children? Some may worry that a big dog may knock over small children which is possible but I have seen dogs of all sizes jump up in excitement and knock over a little one. But really what it boils down to is if the breed small or large can do well children there are breeds in both categories that wouldn't quite fit with children. You need to respect your family and dog and choose wisely.

The last factor that comes into play is your personal preference. Yes, this is the least important factor—all other factors need to be looked at first and after that if you still have a choice in choosing either or then you may choose on preference but just like people no big dog and no little dog are the same. Some big dogs may need lots of outdoor time and thrive running around all day and some may just be big soft teddy bears who want to snuggle and think they are lap dogs. Some small dogs may be couch potatoes or may be the defender of the home.

Just know how much better life is going to be when you come home every day and there is someone waiting with much enthusiasm to see YOU, because every dog big or small always loves you and can't wait to spend time with you and that is the beautiful part about having a fur friend.

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