If You're Telling Me That The Bible Isn't Fact, I Will Say A Prayer For You

Okay so this is just a fair warning, but this article is more of a rant than an article itself. However, there is something that I heard just the other day that has left me absolutely shook about liberalism and the left-wing media (I'm not saying all left-leaning people are like this, but these characteristics apply to quite a few of them).

So, the other day I was sitting in an English class of mine called 'Multicultural America.' My professor, a woman about in her late 50s, early 60s begins going over what we will be doing this semester. At first, it is the same old, boring syllabus stuff as 'You can't be absent more than two classes' and what not.

She also went on to say that in this class we will be discussing controversial/political events. She goes on saying that she is very progressive, but she will listen to conservative views. However, the conservatives have to provide credible sources to their arguments (but the progressives don't necessarily have to).

Then she stated one (and implied as the only) source that was not credible: The Bible.

My jaw legit dropped to the floor. For a second, I thought to myself "Did she actually just say that, to a room full of college students?" I know I can't be the only Catholic or Christian for that matter that was in the room. I seriously could not believe my ears. Though it was horrible that she said that, I said a prayer for her moments after.

Still, days later, HOW?! I texted my mom right away, and she was just as shook as I was. The Bible not only talks about the Word of God, but there are historical events too, like Jesus being persecuted, and crucified. I have been to Israel (as most of you probably know by now because I can't shut up talking about it) I have been to the birthplace of Jesus in Bethlehem, I've been to the Western Wall, the Church of The Holy Sepulcher and many other places I would name off, but you would probably get bored because there are so many.

There is evidence in museums, churches, and so many other places in the world that talk about how the Bible is true. Even in teachings, strange/odd events, and our faith.

Also, at the fact that conservatives have to back it up with fact, but progressives don't?! Yup, that seems fair to me…not.

I hope and pray that this professor comes to her senses and finds God in her life. For now, I will keep praying for her, and the many others that believe that the Bible isn't true.

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