9 Beyoncé Songs You Probably Don't Know

Beyoncé is a phenomenal pop and R&B vocalist who's popular worldwide. But there are songs which she sings without getting the proper recognition. I've taken it upon myself to find the songs which a lot of people may not have ever known...not even the album! If you believe you're a true member of the Bey Hive, here is the test. Do you know all of these Yoncé songs?

1. "Satellite" - I Am… Sasha Fierce, 2008

“Take all the rules away. How can we live if we don't change? We're always on display; let's run and hide”

This is a very sweet song. Its relaxing and soft in its sound and in its meaning.

2. "Daddy" - Dangerously in Love, 2003

“You've given me such security. No matter what mistakes I make you're there for me”

If you've never heard this song, your mind is probably in the gutter... get it out. This is about her father!

3. "Ring Off" - Beyoncé, 2014

“Oh, now the fun begins. Dust yourself off and you love again”

This song is about her mother's self-liberation from a toxic marriage.

4. "Rocket" - Beyoncé, 2013

“We're so much more than pointless fixtures, Instagram pictures, consumers”

Here is a song for those of you whose heads were in the gutter on #2.

5. "Schoolin’ Life" - 4, 2011

“At fourteen they asked me what I wanna be. I said ‘Baby twenty one, so I'd get me a drink’”

This song is about the celebration of every age!

6. "I Miss You" - 4, 2011

“It don't matter who you are; it is so simple, a feeling; but it's everything”

This love song reveals a very authentic emotion.

7. "Ring the Alarm" - B’Day, 2006

“Tell me how should I feel, when I know what I know, and my female intuition, telling me you a dog?”


8. "Freakum Dress" - B’Day, 2006

“To be, or not to be… NOT”

This is a song for everyone who wants to boogie

9. "I’d Rather Go Blind" - "Cadillac Records" Soundtrack, 2008

“Something deep down in my soul said, ‘Cry, girl’”

This is a beautiful song about heartbreak originally sung by Etta James

So how'd you do? Did you know all of these sings? Which one are you gonna up first? What's the best Yoncé song to you? Share this with everyone that you know thinks they're a Bey fanatic so they can find out too!

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