7 Ways To Better Your Life

7 Ways To Better Your Life

A 19 year-old's look at living life, the right way.


In my 19 odd years of being on this planet, I've gained a significant amount of wisdom. People often remark how calm and chill I tend to be. Truth be told, I just follow this series of rules to make my life a little better every day.

1. Be Unapologetically Enthusiastic

Too many times, we're told to keep our enthusiasm on tap so as to not freak out the people around us with our excitement. To that I say, no! Be stoked for things that no one else cares about! It's your thing, you deserve to feel happy about that.

2. Stand Up For Yourself

Letting people use and abuse you is a fast ticket to feeling crummy about yourself. I'm not saying you should yell at anyone who even slightly upsets you, but if someone is treating you unjustly, you have a right and an obligation to stick up for yourself in a polite but firm manner.

3. Be Flexible

Being a willow tree in a world of oaks can often be frustrating. Other people are unwilling to bend and mold to make their own and other's lives easier. However, being flexible and willing to rearrange things gets you a long way, and it means you won't be bowled over by just anything.

4. Compromise

Sometimes, you have to make compromises in order to maintain sanity. It can feel like losing, like you're giving up ground, but remember all that you gain -- something is better than nothing. So, when things aren't going your way, remember it's the strong move to back down.

5. Live In The Present

In the United States, we are a primarily future-oriented culture -- we're always looking forward and working towards an end game. We also have a habit of comparing our now selves to our then selves. It's a dangerous game, and one you have to quit. Learn to live in the moment, come what may.

6. Own Up

Listen, we're all faulty creatures. It's easier to own up to our mistakes than continue defending them. When you've messed up, admit it and apologize. You may not always be forgiven, but at least you made an effort.

7. Grow Up

In this day and age, being "petty" and "rude" is downright glorified. Not that I don't enjoy a shade session every now and again -- I can throw down with the best of them -- but sometimes you have to be civil to spare your sanity. It doesn't matter how much you hate someone, they're still a person, and deserve the base level of respect.

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