Better Options for Us All in Greek Life

Every college student knows a Greek. It's your roomate, your suitemate, your best friend, your RA, maybe even your teacher. You see them in the student center, around the library. They're literally everywhere.

For black students on PWIs (Predominantly White Institutes) Greek life is an essential means to many of our white counterparts on campus. But not really us. Why is that?

Partially because we don't see our selves in these sororities and frats. You know what, I cant speak for every black person out there but I can speak for many of my friends if not all.


Again, let me reiterate that this is a personal preference of me and my friends. When we tell others who are not black of our desicion they always say "Well can't you bring it to the campus?"

HELLO! Don't you think we tried?! We were told that there were more than enough sororities on campus and that we should join one of them. Two months later a multicultral sorority showed up.

I gritted my teeth and smiled at my classmates as they talked about how excited they were about joining. While on the inside I was fuming!

BACKSTORY: When I was in the 6th grade I did a lot of community service and hands on uplifting girls projects with memebers of a specfic Divine 9. (I'm going to keep the name confidential). I loved going to the meetings and on the trips and meeting new people.

I told myself that at this young age that when I went to college I would pledge this sorority and become a sister. My sister is also in the sorority and I figured it'd be something both of us could bond over.

Imagine my shock when I came to college and my dream sorority wasn't here. Neither were any of the Divine 9s. Where was everyone?!

Why wasn't anyone stepping? What is a mixer? Where are the frat houses? Why isn't anyone chanting?

It was a cultural shock to the highest degree of confusion, but I did not let it deter me from my dream. I along with some friends went to talk to a Greek life organizer where we were told that my dream was not going to happen.

Okay girl we get it. Ya sorority isn't on campus. Why are you writing this article?


Everyone is always talking about how we all need to be inclusive and accepting of others. Sorry to break it to you folks but that's not going to happen over night. Black kids don't fit into white sororities because they weren't made with us in mind. THAT'S WHY WE HAVE OUR OWN!

Now I'm not saying it's nothing wrong with the white sororities but those sisters can't be my sistahs! You get what I'm laying down.

We need a sisterhood. Not a museum. If I need help with haircare or skincare I know that they would have the best advice becasue we share the same culture.

Divine 9s are needed on PWIs because when walk out of our dorms and walk out of our classes we don't have sisters and brothers who can relate to us. Though many black students do join the white sororities if they had better options they may not have to.

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