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You're Doing The Best That You Can, Be Kind To Yourself

Just a reminder to be gentle with yourself.

You're Doing The Best That You Can, Be Kind To Yourself

Hey! You! Yeah, you! You are doing amazing. Trust me.

Even if you don't think you are, I think you are, and so does everyone else, and if they don't, ignore them because you are killing it.

Your parents believe in you.

Your siblings believe in you.

Your friends believe in you.

Your dog believes in you (or cat, but preferably dog).

I believe in you. And you're trying your best that you can at this very moment, regardless of whether or not you think you are.

Sometimes it's hard to look at your current life situation and not feel overwhelmed with the constant chaos and feel like you are not doing or being enough. Not getting that job. Not getting that internship. Not doing well on an exam. But trying to get that job, internship, studying for that exam or whatever it may be, you still tried. You are doing what you can. And it will be okay. That exam or mistake that ruined your day won't matter in a year.

Sometimes it's hard to not feel like all your struggles are the worst. And these struggles are the worst to you. If someone belittles your problems, your problems are still problems that are affecting you. They lack empathy. Ignore them. It's okay to feel burdened by your problems, and you are doing the best that you can to fix and solve these problems I know it. You are still trying.

Everyone faces some sort of struggle, regardless of how good they are at hiding it. Remember that. But most people, fail to talk about their failures and struggles in a fear of looking weak to peers and classmates. Myself included. Who doesn't? I rarely like to discuss my downfalls because I don't believe that they are a reflection of who I am. Because I believe who I am is the person who still tried relentlessly, and still managed to fail, but failed proudly at whatever I was trying to do. But I fail to recognize that talking about my failures is okay and does not make me look weak, but strong for recognizing that I failed, but preserved and learned from it.

Failure is still you trying your best.

And sometimes your failure is someone else's success. You are doing the best that you can.

We need to normalize failure. Everyone fails or doesn't succeed at something. And that should be okay. Because we all make mistakes and mess up. AND you still tried. We need to celebrate trying more. Trying by putting in the effort to even take a leap of faith in pursuit of a better state. Trying by applying to a job or internship, studying whole-heartedly, being the best friend possible. Trying is a success, not a failure.

Thank you for trying. Thank you for being you. Because you are doing your best, regardless.

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