Drinking coffee is the best. I love a cup of coffee, being in a coffee shop and buying different kinds of coffee makers. However, recently I have been more into hot tea. Tea is healthier than coffee. It has fewer calories than coffee. Tea is better for my body, and I can take it without sugar.

Also, tea comforts me. For example, I am anxious writing an essay, studying for an exam or applying for a job in the middle of the night, and a cup of tea calms me and helps me to finish any labor I have.

The best thing about tea is that there are many kinds and they have different advantages, flavors, and options. I love going to tea stores or supermarket with many types because it is like Disneyland for me. I love to try new brands, flavors, and styles.

I want to share with you what I have learned about these types of tea.

1. Chamomile tea.


Chamomile tea is a basic in my life. I need to know I have a couple of bags of Chamomile tea close to me all the time. I use it when I feel sick (stomachaches mostly) and when I am anxious when I should make a decision. If someday I have to live a week in a jungle with only two belongings, I would choose a package of chamomile and a teapot.

It does not have caffeine, but chamomile tea has healed almost any wound.

2. Black tea.

Peter Heeling

If you need to stay awake for a long time, your best option is Black tea. In my case, it works better than a cup of coffee. The best thing is there are thousands of options for your black tea. There are several flavors, brands and varying amounts of caffeine. It is the kind of tea you can find in any supermarket.

My best suggestion is to buy a different kind any time you go shopping for groceries. It is always good to have a package of black tea at home.

3. Green tea.


Green tea is amazing. It has several advantages such as antioxidants and nutrients. Green tea improves brain functions, fat loss, lower risk of cancer and many other impressive benefits. Also, it has caffeine; then, you can drink it instead of coffee.

I have learned something about Green tea: the Chinese style is not the same as what we buy in the supermarket. If you purchase Green tea anywhere, it should have an excellent flavor or some extra aromatic flavors, but if you taste real Chinese Green tea, I promise you it will be different. For me, it felt horrible, but it has more advantages than American green tea. In any case, you should try both.

4. Rosa de Jamaica Hibiscus Tea.


Rosa Jamaica is a kind of red tea. The truth is I do not like it, but it has a significant advantage: it helps to lose weight. It is a diuretic, and it helps to accelerate your metabolism. So, one cup per day is not going to hurt even when it is not my favorite kind of tea.

5. Linden tea.

Kevin Sequeira

Linden tea is almost as good as chamomile tea. I say "almost" because I preferer the flavor of the chamomile, but if you feel sick, sad or anxious, linden tea is there for you.

6. Peach Mango Herbal Tea.


When I do not want to drink any beverage with caffeine, I have a mango peach herbal tea which is fantastic. It tastes incredible and it helps me when I need a comfort drink at night. If you do not like mango or peach, you can try other types of herbal teas; all of them are so good.

7. Bedtime tea.


Speaking of nighttime, there is tea when you need to go to bed. There are many brands which offer this kind of tea. It is a mix of herbs such as chamomile, mint, linden, valerian root, lemon balm, passionflower, and magnolia bark. I love it because it helps me to be relaxed before I go to bed.

I am not saying you should stop drinking coffee. A cup of coffee has many advantages. What I am telling you is to try to include tea in your life.

To finish, I want to share this video with you. It is in Spanish, but watch it anyway; you will see a cool way to make tea.