One of the best opportunities that has come into my life is being an aunt.

Being an aunt has not only shown me how much love I can provide towards one little human being, but it has also made my life so much better. It's basically like having your own child, but without most of the responsibilities that come along with it!

Here are reasons why being an auntie is the best thing ever.

1. You get to spoil your niece/nephew

No matter where I am, I will always look for something that I can buy my niece. Whether it's clothes or a toy, she'll get it because that's what aunt's are supposed to do... SPOIL THEM!

2. Rules? Nahhh

Oh mom and dad said you couldn't have a sip of soda? Well Auntie says you can! Breaking rules is key to being an aunt as long as your little mini me is happy.

3. You don't have to change their diapers

One thing that I dread is changing my niece's diaper... I personally can't deal with that stuff and I'll wait to change a diaper until I have a child of my own, but until then, that's my sister's dirty job.

4. Disciplining is not in your dictionary

Of course, your little niece/nephew will get an attitude or start doing something they shouldn't be doing, so that's when you can give them right back to their parents! Then after time out, they're mad at mom and dad so they end up running to you.

5. You can buy them annoying toys and not face consequences

Go ahead. Buy that toy that never shuts up. You can finally get back at your sister for annoying you all those years by giving her kid the most annoying toy in the store.

6. You get to be a kid again

"You want to play with your Barbie? Yes, I'll play!" "Oh tea time? Of course!"

7. You get all their love!

Nothing melts my heart more than when my niece says her little "bye" and gives me hug!