45 Places To Tell Your Summer Boredom To 'Tike A Hike'
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45 Places To Tell Your Summer Boredom To 'Tike A Hike'

Looking for a new trail to follow?

45 Places To Tell Your Summer Boredom To 'Tike A Hike'

With the warm weather on its way, there's no better time for a nice hike.

Here's a list of forty-five hikes/parks to visit. There are options for various hikes, both long and short, as well as some that require payment to enter.

Below I've indicated the general length of the hike, its location and whether or not there is a price ($).

1. Pine Meadow Trail

This trail is in the 3-6 mile category, located in Harriman State Park.

2. Torne Mountain Trail

Also located in Harriman Sate Park, this trail is in the 3-6 mile category as well.

3. Sterling Forest State Park

Sterling Forest has multiple trails that can be accessed from Tuxedo.

4. Gorges Trail

The Gorges Trail is located in Watkins Glen State Park and less than 3 miles long. ($5)

5. Toughannock Falls State Park

About a half hour drive from Watkins Glen State Park, there are multiple trails to see the falls which are generally less than 3 miles long.

6. Cadillac Mountain

Located in Acadia National Park, you can simply drive up to the top of Cadillac Mountain and find an amazing view with multiple lookouts. ($5)

7. Beehive Trail

Also located in Acadia National Park, the Beehive trail is less than 3 miles but a dangerous uphill climb. ($5)

8. Breakneck Ridge

Breakneck Ridge is located in Cold Springs and is in the 3-6 mile category. However, it is a strenuous uphill climb on rocks.

9. Green Lakes State Park

Green Lakes State Park has beautiful views and is less than 3 miles in length.

10. Bear Mountain Loop Trail

Located in Bear Mountain State Park, this hike is in the 3-6 mile category. ($5)

11. Loop Road to the Ice Caves

A 3-6 mile hike located in Minnewaska State Park. ($5)

12. Blue Mountain Reservation

Located in Ossining, this is a lengthier hike over over 6 miles and only requires payment on weekends.

13. Butter Hill/ Stillman/ Bluebird Trail Loop

This hike is less than 3 miles in length, located in Storm King State Park.

14. Franny Reese State Park

This state park is in the Highlands area, but does not require payment to enter.

15. Black Mountain Loop Trail

Another hike located in Harriman Sate Park, this loop is over 6 miles in length.

16. Appalachian Trail on Bellvale Mountain

Located in Orange County, this hike is over 6 miles and is part of the Appalachian Trail. A bonus is that the Bellvale Creamery is nearby.

17. Stairway to Heaven Trail

Also over 6 miles in length, this trail is located in Hewitt, New Jersey.

18. Denton and Mullet Brook Falls Trail

This trail is only 3-6 miles in length and located in Huguenot.

19. Cascade Mountain

Also 3-6 miles in length, the trail to Cascade Mountain is located in the Lake Placid area.

20. Anthony's Nose

Located in Bear Mountain State Park, this trail is less than 3 miles along the Appalachian Trail. ($5)

21. Sleeping Beauty Mountain

The trail of Sleeping Beauty Mountain is over 6 miles in length located in Lake George.

22. Overlook Mountain Trail

Located in Catskill State Park, this trail is 3-6 miles for a beautiful view.

23. Mount Beacon Trail

A more challenging trail of over 6 miles, the Mount Beacon Trail is located in Beacon Memorial Park. ($)

24. Kaaterskills Falls Trail

This trail is 3-6 miles and located in Kaaterskill Wild Forest. ($)

25. Hadley Mountain Trail

Located in Adirondack Park, the Hadley Mountain Trail in 3-6 miles long.

26. Mount Marcy

This is another challenging trail of over 6 miles, located in High Peaks Wilderness.

27. Gertrude's Nose Trail

Worth it for this view, this hike is over 6 miles of Minnewaska State Park.($)

28. Cornish Estate Trail Loop

Located in Hudson Highland's State Park, this loop is 3-6 miles in length.

29. Sam's Point and Verkeerderkill Falls

Another challenge trek, this hike is over 6 miles through Sam's Point Preserve. ($)

30. Buck Mountain Trail

This 3-6 mile hike is tucked into Lake George.

31. Giant Mountain

Via the 3-6 miles Ridge Trail, Giant Mountain is located in Adirondack Park.

32. Rim and Gorge Trail

This 3-6 miles trail is located in Robert H. Treman State Park. ($)

33. Popolpen Torne Loop

Another hike located in Bear Mountain State Park that is 3-6 miles. ($)

34. North Rim and South Rim Red Trail

Located in Plotter Kill Nature Preserve, this trail is 3-6.

35. Giant Ledge and Panther Mountain

Another 3-6 mile hike, these trails are located in Catskill State Park.

36. Black Mountain

Back to the challenging hikes, this trail is over 6 miles long of the Lake George area.

37. Algonquin Peak and Wright Peak

Also over 6 miles is the Algonquin Peak and Wright Peak located in High Peaks Wilderness.

38. Sourland Mountain Preserve Loop

This loop is located in Somerset County, New Jersey, and is a medium 3-6 mile hike.

39. Macri Trail

Over 6 miles in length, this trail is located in Wells County Park.

40. Van Slyke Castle Ruins

Within Ramapo Sate Park, this trail through the castle ruins is 3-6 miles long.

41. Overlook Loop

A very commonly known location is the Ramapo Reservation and the overlook loop is a simple 3-6 miles within it.

42. Twin Mountain

Located in the Catskills, this 3-6 mile hike take you to the top of Twin Mountain.

43. Whiteface Mountain

Another 3-6 mile hike is Wilmington's Whiteface Mountain.

44. Lake Skonoto Loop

This hike is another one located in Harriman State Park, however I'm unsure of the length.

45. Sugarloaf Hill/ Osborne Loop

This combination loop is over 6 miles in length in the Hudson Highlands.

I hope you can find an adventure for yourself on one of these many hikes. Whether you're just beginning or looking for a rigorous hike, there's one for you.

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