6 Ways College Students Study, And Yes, You Are 100% One Of Them
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6 Ways College Students Study, And Yes, You Are 100% One Of Them

Ah yes, the elusive coffee shop kids.

6 Ways College Students Study, And Yes, You Are 100% One Of Them
Giulia Bertelli

In college, there are ALWAYS people studying. This is nothing like high school, where everyone studied after sports’ practice at home at the dinner table while mom fixed dinner. We are in the big leagues now—but it’s interesting to see how people choose to study and what works for them. Regardless of what their major is, the ways in which they choose to prepare for tests, write papers, or even complete assigned readings is completely different from one individual to the next. Here are the six types of studiers I have observed in the past two years.

1. The library goers

The #1 study spot on campus: the library. During exam weeks, it’s impossible to find a seat on the first three floors of the library. Often a social hub, the library is a great place to wind up if you’re in need of a large whiteboard surrounded by classmates studying the same subject. Or you could find yourself four hours in, still catching up with friends and not having started a bit of work.

2. The coffee shop kids

These are the kids who always have to have a hot or iced drink in one hand and possibly a pastry in the other. To study, they have to be drinking or eating something to energize and motivate them. They don’t mind a little noise and coffee shop music when studying.

3. The homebodies

Then there are the kids who you never see studying anywhere. They obviously aren’t failing classes- so they’ve got to be doing work somewhere. When you ask them where they study and if they want to study with you, it’s a “No, I’ll probably just study in my room.” They usually keep a tidy room so they can work at their desk- while the rest of us who don’t study in our rooms use our desk for piling books and the occasional shirt.

4. The study lounge squad

For students living in dorms, the study lounge is a great place to convene for studying. You can go with a few good friends who live in your hall, and you are still close enough to your room that you can get to bed easily. You can even grab snacks from your stash whenever you want.

5. Do you even study?

Then there are the students we all despise: those who blow everything out of the water. They ruin the curve for an entire class- yet, it is unclear if they even crack open a book until the day before the test. They don’t like it when you bring attention to their innate brilliance either. Usually humble- they hear the information once in class and then they never forget it. You never catch them at the library. Every time you see them they’re doing anything BUT studying.

6. The nomads

Lastly, there’s the nomads as I call them. They never study in just one place. You’re lucky if you find yourself studying with them for three or four hours, because after this they usually announce that they need to relocate and are getting too antsy to be in this same spot for so long.

So, which one are you?

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