I'm a big fan of longboarding, but it's hard to find spots to go. I have a couple of friends who are into skateboarding. One's favorite spot is Cleveland Streets — a DIY spot in Berea, OH because its "Freeing and any ledge is deemed Skate-able."

For me it's a bit different, I like to cruise along. I mean my board is classified as a "cruiser" after all. I don't like to spin around or try crazy tricks. I like a nice breezy ride. Sometimes I can even put my headphones in and enjoy a nice boarding session.

So where do I go? Since skate parks aren't the place for longboarding, it seems difficult to find a place to go. But really I can make anywhere my skate park.

I can ride around the streets by my house in the summer during the afternoon, since there are barely any cars due to everyone being at work.

There are empty parking lots by closed down stores that light up at night so even as the sun goes down, I can still cruise along — even if it is just around in the same circle. It's calming and I love it.

Although there are many places I like skating, through Metroparks around the suburbs of Cleveland, nothing beats skating alongside the beach at Edgewater in Cleveland.

The atmosphere is amazing, you can leave one headphone out so you can hear the waves of Lake Erie hit the sand from the paths in one ear, but still enjoy the sounds of The Story So Far's "Proper Dose," album in the other. Sounds great right?

Even if you don't longboard, you most likely have your own little piece of heaven, and skating along the beach is mine a nice place to visit inside my head when life gets hectic.