3 Shows That Will Help You Through This Pandemic
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3 Shows That Will Help You Through This Pandemic

Quarantine has caused people to find many of their favorite shows, but here are the top 3 I've discovered this past year

3 Shows That Will Help You Through This Pandemic

If you are itching for a new show to watch, these shows will satisfy your desire for entertainment. All the plots are drama-filling, and you will always be looking forward to the next episode.

How To Get Away With Murder

My all-time favorite show. How To Get Away With Murder leaves you full of confusion and interest at the end of each episode. A group of ambitious law students and their criminal defense professor are all involved in a murder that can change the rest of their lives. Throughout the show, the characters avoid getting caught while protecting their reputations. Viola Davis's performance is phenomenal and Annalise Keating is a strong, independent woman who I will always aspire to be.


Imagine if Riverdale were actually good. Unlike most high school dramas, Elite moderates its over-the-top plot twists with real human emotion by emphasizing on the students and how growing up too fast can have detrimental consequences. It's a messy show, but in an enjoyable way. Teen shows are exploring the darker side of societal norms and Elite does a great job of presenting this.

Money Heist

Easily the best show I've ever watched in my life. Money Heist, or La Casa de Papel, is about a professor bringing in 8 thieves together in order to carry out a heist and steal 2.4 billion euros from the Royal Mint of Spain. This show is dynamic and well structured, leaving the viewers to click on the next episode right away. Money Heist is truly an incredibly exciting series that will leave you at the edge of your seat every episode and I cannot recommend this show enough.

If you ever need to find a show to watch next time you're bored, any of these 3 shows will not disappoint.

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